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Hawkeye FINALLY hijacks Green Arrow’s best trick Arrow on the cover of a comic book.

Hawkeye has borrowed Green Arrow’s most famous humour for an upcoming cover in an upcoming issue of the comic.

A long-time wish of Hawkeye fans was to see a DC trick arrow appear in Marvel Comics, and that wish has been granted on the cover of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #3.

The first issue of Hawkeye: Kate Bishop was released in November, and the third issue will be released in January. As the title suggests, it concentrates on Kate Bishop’s most recent escapade. With her purple-clad hero facing an oncoming mob, this issue’s cover has displayed a surprise trick-arrow in action.

In Hawkeye: Kate Bishop #3, Marieke Nijkamp, OREN JUNIOR, Brittany Peer, and Enid Balam serve as the creative team behind the book. Jahnoy Lindsay created the cover art for the book. With her bow and arrow, Kate Bishop takes on a vast mob with only her wits and a boxing glove, a trick arrow made famous by Green Arrow. In spite of its ineffectiveness, it is one of the most enjoyable trick arrows in either archer’s inventory.

This is the first time that the boxing glove arrow has crossed over into Hawkeye’s quiver. Despite its lack of long-term usefulness, this arrow is widely used. A single opponent is best served by this tactic, which is usually utilised in a funny context. Kate’s decision to deploy it here is a bad one in terms of strategy, as she has so many adversaries to contend with. Though its lethality may be great for this mob of normal people, not villains (according to the issue synopsis), its lack of lethality may be the perfect solution. If she wants to take out the entire mob, she’ll need more than just one arrow.

There have been numerous appearances of Green Arrow’s boxing glove arrow trick in the comics. Green Arrow’s 80th Anniversary Special #1 exposed its origins earlier this year. At least twenty feet distant, this arrow is an excellent distance technique. In the novella “Punching Evil,” the creative team of Tom Taylor, Nicola Scott, Annette Kwok, and Clayton Cowles recounted how Oliver Queen first thought of it. During Green Arrow’s Golden Age, he used a boxing glove arrow as one of his trick weapons. Finally, the arrow has arrived in the Marvel Comics universe. Will it be included in the official issue, or is it just Kate’s way of playing a prank on comic archery fans? When Kate Bishop: Hawkeye #3 is released on January 12, fans will learn more about this arrow’s presence.

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