K Project Season 3 Release Date: Will The Anime Return? All The Latest Details!


Fans are accustomed to at least ‘K Project’ anime project launching every two to three years. The most current one, named K: Seven Stories, came released in 2018. Hence, we could get to witness another anime production anytime soon. The demand for K Project Season 3 has been rising with every passing year. However, Studio Go Hands is yet to wave the green flag. Will it ever return? What’s in the future of the popular franchise? Here are all the details you need to know.

K Project, often known as ‘K,’ is an original anime series developed by Gora, a collective consisting of seven unknown creators and produced by Studio Go Hands. Directed by Shingo Suzuki, the action sci-fi enterprise premiered on Japanese television back in October 2012. Its success led to the relaunch of an anime movie in 2014 with a parallel plot. Eventually, after the franchise’s popularity, the company launched a second season dubbed K: Return Of Kings in October 2015. Lastly, a seven-part movie series was released between July and December 2018.

Renewed Or Canceled Of K Project Season 3

Go Hands has not yet announced a third season for the anime. The anime series’ creators announced shortly after the conclusion of Season 2 that the plot arc was complete. As a result, K Project Season 3 may not be produced. According to the narrator, they launched a film series in 2018. K: Seven Stories, an anime film series consisting of seven episodes, is a spin-off of the 2014 film K: Missing Kings.

Given that the studio has already gone back on their promise, they may as well produce another anime project in the following year. However, the new project may be another spin-off movie or series instead of K Project Season 3. Well, as long as the series continues going, fans may not have an issue with the same. We will update this area as GoHands announces another ‘K’ initiative.

k project season 3

Release Date Of K Project Season 3

Season 3 of K Project has a little likelihood of being renewed. However, if the company ever confirms the sequel, it may premiere in a couple of years in an inappropriate circumstance. However, the third season may not be released until 2023 at the earliest. A spin-off movie or series, on the other hand, will probably appear sooner than that. Fans may expect to see a new ‘K’ project in late 2021 or early 2022 at the earliest. As soon as a release date is confirmed, we’ll provide an update here.

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Plot Of K Project Season 3

A group of brilliant people, known as the “kings,” are the focus of the “K-Project,” or “K”. People throughout the globe look forward to them as the next generation of global leaders due to their enigmatic superhuman talents. They begin to form their own clans, hiring more people they can rely on to help them out. This duty falls squarely on the shoulders of every member of a clan, as well as the whole group. For no apparent reason, one day, a video of Yashiro Isana’s murder becomes viral, and everyone points the blame at him. Yashiro had been a typical high school student up until this moment. The Red Clan, enraged by this turn of events, embarks on a quest to track him down and exact vengeance on him.

The head of the red clan, Mikoto Suou, has his share of woes as everyone begins to doubt his authority. While Yashiro fights to establish his innocence to the world, a sinister plot begins to take shape, threatening not just his own life but the very existence of mankind as a whole. There’s a good chance that this is the beginning of the end of the world as we know it if the clans go to war with the kings.

Cast Of K Project Season 3

Yashiro Isana

Yashiro Isana is the class clown of his school and is highly recognized for his friendliness and soft-spoken attitude. He regularly goes around asking everyone for their tiffin boxes but no one really dislikes sharing it with him because of the way he is. To him, it does not matter who the other peson is, he always displays enormous respect for everyone around him.

His life appears to be pretty regular until one day he is suspected of killing a clan member and now the entire clan is behind him to revenge the death of their former member. A lot more about him is subsequently revealed sometime near the conclusion of the first season that is associated with his background. We won’t share all that here since we don’t aim to give away any spoilers.

Reishi Munakata

When it comes to dealing with life’s challenges, Reishi Munakata, also known as the “Blue King,” prefers to take a step back and observe before responding. Even on the battlefield, he is reserved and cautious, only bursting into action after careful consideration of his surroundings.

He is a born leader who is able to empathise with the innocent people around him. More important than everything else in the world to him, the well-being of those around him is paramount. Reishi spends a lot of his leisure time putting together jigsaw puzzles, which is surprising given how good he is at it.


While Neko is a typical carefree and fun-loving anime girl who acts stupid most of the time, when it comes to the most important situations, she can be a little bit more intelligent. Fan-service jokes often target her because of her status as a “typical anime female.” When asked why she dislikes dressing up, Neko says simply, “Clothes are very restrictive.” Because of this, it is safe to assume that Neko will be seen in her undies rather often throughout the course of the episode.

Later on, she begins to exhibit an interest in Shiro and refers to him as “her Shiro” often. Her unique ability enables her to influence the perceptions and feelings of anyone within a specific radius. With one eye blue and the other red, she is a heterochromat, a person with two distinct eye colours.

Mikoto Suou

“The Red King” is Mikoto’s clan’s name for him since he’s the king of that clan. When he isn’t smoking, you’ll find him holding a burning cigarette in his hand at all times. Because he wants to be a man of few words, you will only hear a few words from Mikoto throughout the anime.

Despite this, he still shows to be a wonderful leader and gets things done without saying anything to his staff. Because of his calm and cool demeanour, it is uncommon for him to get annoyed or agitated by anybody or anything. In spite of this, his emotions never get the best of him, even when he’s furious.

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