jeremy carter cause of death

“Tragic Loss”: Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Jeremy Dies at 28 from Heart Attack

The grandson of former President Jimmy Carter passed away in the vicinity of Atlanta in Dec 2015. Coroner C.J. Mowell Jr. of Fayette County informed The Associated Press that his office is still investigating the case.

Jimmy Carter announced the death to the congregation of the former president’s hometown church in Plains, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The newspaper reports that Carter informed parishioners that his 28-year-old grandson fell ill on Saturday and went to take a nap at his family’s Peachtree City home before passing away.

Jeremy Carter: Cause of Death

Jeremy Carter, the grandson of Jimmy Carter, passed away unexpectedly on 20 Dec 2015 after suffering a heart attack in front of his mother, who performed CPR and tried desperately to save him, according to an emotional blog post written by Jeremy’s brother Josh. Jeremy’s heart attack occurred in front of his mother, who tried desperately to save him.

jeremy carter cause of death

His mother found out later that his heart had stopped beating. The family tried CPR on their 28-year-old son and then rushed him to the hospital, where doctors tried to save him but failed. Early in the morning, doctors said that Jeremy Carter was dead. It’s still not clear what caused death.

Josh also writes that “a whole battery of tests” were done on Jeremy “just a few months ago.”

“He wasn’t able to eat well, and his legs hurt. Almost every doctor at Emory checked him out. They gave him vitamin A and vitamin D in the end. After everything. He finished the whole job and just needed vitamins. Shouldn’t they have found out that a 28-year-old heart is going to stop working? They didn’t, though “Josh told.

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Jeremy Carter Was the Grandson of  Jimmy Carter

According to USA Today, Jeremy was the middle child of Jeff and Annette Carter. Jeff is the third of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter’s four children and is 63 years old. Jason Carter, the cousin of Jeremy and Josh, is a former state legislator who ran for governor of Georgia in 2014.

In 2015 At a Sunday school session at the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, former president Carter, 91, announced his grandson’s passing.

jeremy carter cause of death

Jimmy, who declared earlier this month that he was cancer-free in another Sunday school class, informed the congregation that his grandson was feeling ill on Saturday when he went to take a nap at his family’s house in Peachtree City, Georgia. His mother Annette noticed that his heart had stopped when she went to check on him. He was transported to a hospital, where he died early on Sunday morning.

Jimmy opened up to his Sunday school class just hours after Jeremy’s death, describing him as a “very special child” and a “wonderful young man whom we dearly loved,” according to NBC News.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the former president urged the congregation to “be filled with a sense of joy and gratitude” despite his family tragedy.

“I ought to rejoice and be grateful to God for giving me both life and liberty,” he continued.

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Final Words

Jeremy Carter’s sudden death is a terrible tragedy that has left his family and friends in a lot of pain. Losing a family member is never easy, but the circumstances of Jeremy’s death make it even harder to deal with. The fact that his mother did everything she could to save him makes the situation even more heartbreaking.

Jeremy’s death is a stark reminder of how short life is and how important it is to enjoy our time with the people we love. It reminds us to take care of our physical and mental health and to enjoy the time we spend with our loved ones.

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