Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie? ‘The Last of Us’ Star’s Relationships And More!

The 47-year-old actor Pedro Pascal is currently enjoying a big career renaissance. The talented actor first gained widespread attention in Game of Thrones and is currently the protagonist of two critically acclaimed series: The Last of Us on HBO and The Mandalorian on Disney+. Additionally, on Saturday, February 4th, Pedro will host his first SNL with Coldplay as the musical guest.

Pedro appears to put his romantic life on hold in favor of his professional life. While Pedro has never tied the knot, he has been linked to several well-known ladies with whom he has shared the screen. And while his charming performances have earned him a devoted fan base for quite some time, this could be his most infamous part to date. In a nutshell, his admirers are dying to find out who he’s seeing.

As of the year 2023, Pedro Pascal is dating nobody. Similarly, many fans wonder if Pedro Pascal is married. But the actor is not married and has never been married. Not only that, but rumors have linked him to Sarah Paulson, Robin Tunney, and Lena Headey. But none of those rumors turned out to be true. His Instagram feed gives no hints regarding the status of his romantic relationships.

Who Is Pedro Pascal Dating?

At the moment, Pedro Pascal is exclusively dating his profession as an actor. We can assume that Pedro is currently not in a romantic relationship with anyone and is, therefore, single. The actor has not been seen enjoying a good time with anyone questionable in recent days. This is another piece of evidence that he is unattached.

On the other hand, Pedro Pascal has been spotted on the set of several of his future films. That ultimately demonstrated his commitment and diligence on the job. It would appear that his job and hectic schedule are preventing him from pursuing romantic interests. Okay, as long as we keep getting Pedro Pascal’s finest turns, I guess it’s not so bad.

Just kidding! As of right now, Pedro Pascal is apparently unmarried, but he has been in relationships in the past. When asked about his future plans in the realm of matrimony, the actor has always been tight-lipped. It appears that Pedro has not yet discovered his soul mate. It’s fine to take your time.

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Do Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay Have the Same Age Gap?

Whether or not DiCaprio and Polani are dating, the rumors around his relationship with the 19-year-old model have reignited the topic about DiCaprio and the age disparities he has with the women he chooses to date.

One tweet on the 29-year age difference between Pedro Pascal (47) and Bella Ramsey (19) from The Last of Us has gone viral. In the new HBO series, Pascal plays Joel, a man tasked with safeguarding a little girl named Ellie (played by Ramsey) in a post-apocalyptic world.

Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

where people have turned aggressive after being infected with a weird fungus. One Twitter user posted a photo of Pascal and Ramsey with the caption, “Just for some context, these two are the same ages as Leonardo DiCaprio & his current girlfriend.”

Pedro Pascal’s Girlfriend History

Learn About the Ladies He’s Been Linked To In The Past. There have been rumors of romantic involvement between Pedro Pascal and several of his co-stars throughout the years, but he has never been married. Find out more about the personal life of the star of “The Last of Us.”

Maria Dizzia

Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

On May 6th, 2019, Maria Dizzia will celebrate her 40th birthday with a gala at Second Stage. The Sun reports that in the 1990s, Pedro dated Maria Dizzia, 48, who plays Piper on Orange is the New Black.

The two never came out and said they were dating. A later episode of Law & Order, from 2008, featured Pedro and Maria’s collaboration. Since then, Maria has tied the knot with 58-year-old playwright Will Eno, and the two of them are raising a son.

Lena Headey

Lena Headey appeared onstage at this year’s Emmys. In 2014, Pedro was linked to Lena Headey, 49, who plays a major role in the HBO series Game of Thrones. In the popular fantasy show, Pedro played Oberyn Martell, and Lena played Cersei Lannister.  Headey also posted an Instagram snapshot of the two of them kissing, with the caption “Sunshine love.”

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Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

In April 2014, Lena posted a photo of her and Pedro cuddling up together on Instagram with the comment “Sunshine love,” sparking dating speculations between the two. Lena and Pedro were spotted at The Grove in Los Angeles later that same year. Whether or not their relationship was romantic remains unknown.

Robin Tunney

The actress Robin Tunney, who appeared with Pascal on “The Mentalist” in 2015, was rumored to be the man’s new girlfriend. Throughout the year, the couple was frequently seen in public and documented in photos from a variety of events they both attended.

Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

They went to the after-party for the 2015 Emmys that HBO hosted two months later. Dinner at a Los Angeles sushi restaurant in July 2019 was the last time anyone saw Pedro and Robin. Pedro has been linked to numerous women, although he has never verified any of them.

Sarah Paulson

Is Pedro Pascal Dating Ellie

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Sarah Paulson and Pascal have been linked romantically, but they’ve probably been pals for a long time. Pascal stated to Paulson in an Interview magazine profile, “I met you, Sarah Paulson, in September of 1993, my first month in New York City.” With a friendship spanning over three decades, Paulson recently guest starred on an episode of “Saturday Night Live” hosted by Pascal.

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