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John Jovanovic and Daphne Rose Are Expecting Their Fourth Child Together.

American TV host, cookbook author, and co-host of ABC’s The Chew, Daphne Oz has made quite a name for herself in the culinary and media worlds. Some of her followers have seen a fresh baby bump on the mother of four since the new year and her debut on Masterchef Junior, but is she actually pregnant?

Otherwise, it could just be a healthy amount of weight gain. Reality Tidbit has done the research and gathered all the data available to determine if Daphne is indeed carrying a fifth child.

When did Daphne Oz’s pregnancy rumors begin? Did she already have the baby?

As for whether or not Daphne is expecting as of the year 2022, there is no proof either way. The 36-year-old appears to have discreetly dispelled pregnancy rumors by posting a number of images in which she has seen drinking cocktails and other alcoholic beverages with her friends and family.

When Daphne was expecting in 2019, she and her husband planned a special reveal. To celebrate her sex reveal, the presenter of Good Dish served lasagna with pink cheese. Daphne announced in March 2019 that she was expecting a daughter in an interview with People.

“This is the first time I have ever seen a gender reveal done in such a way,” she remarked. “They took lasagna and gave it a very cheesy makeover, but it’s kind of a huge deal. So, the cheesy layers of this lasagna are either blue or pink.

What you’re having can be determined in this manner “To which Daphne contributed. The Happy Cook author told People in August 2019 that this pregnancy was the “hardest physically,” but that self-care “made a significant difference.”

Daphne told the source, “being on her feet all the time, it may be sort of crazy” to be pregnant while filming MasterChef Junior. Furthermore, she said “Spending time on set has been a blast, and the time has already passed quickly. It has kept me quite busy and occupied.”

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Jovan Jovanovic, Philomena Bijou Jovanovic, Domenica Celine Jovanovic, and Giovanna Ines Jovanovic are Daphne and her husband’s four children from their 2010 marriage. All the cuddly photographs of her family are posted on her Instagram account, which is a favorite pastime of hers.

Seeing those adorable babes fills us with wonder. After four years of marriage, Oz gave birth to her first kid in 2014. Her 2019-born baby is her youngest child. They recently sparked rumors about a possible fifth child. Nothing, however, has been confirmed as of yet.

Instagram video montage dedicated to Gigi

Instagram video montage dedicated to Gigi

Daphne Oz marked her daughter’s birthday with a series of Instagram posts, including images and videos.

On Sunday, August 14, her daughter, Gigi, turned three years old. Gigi and her parents pose with a birthday cake in the first snap, and the subsequent slides show more posed family portraits and cute pictures of the tiny child.

In addition, Oz shared a few movies, all of which she recommended watching with the volume turned up. There was a cute comment that accompanied the photographs, which stated, “The Duchess, Gigi, turns 3 today!

You are the epitome of sweetness: always up for an adventure, always aware of what’s going on around you, always the leader of the pack even though you’re the baby of the family, always filled to the brim with excitement about the day ahead and eager to share it, always determined to prevent bedtime because, really, who would want to put an end to this fun?

Man, we adore you, gee-joe!!” Hundreds of happy birthdays and party emoticons have been posted below. Perhaps Gigi’s birthday was the best ever because mom made her favorite dinner.

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