is cissy houston still alive

“Remembering Cissy Houston: Mother of Whitney Houston and A Legendary Gospel Singer”

Is Cissy Houston Dead Or Alive: Cissy Houston is a well-known singer and actress who was born in the United States in 1933. Since she is a well-known personality, many people are curious as to whether or not she is dead or alive, especially after rumors of her death began to spread widely across the internet. Cissy Houston was born in 1933. Read the article that follows to find out whether or not Cissy Houston has passed away and discover any other relevant information.

Cissy Houston Biography

is cissy houston still alive



Cissy Houston was born in Newark, New Jersey, on September 30, 1933. Nicholas Drinkard and Delia Mae Drinkard were her parents, and she was their eighth and last child. During the Great Migration, her parents moved from Georgia to New Jersey. They pushed their children hard to go to school and get involved in church. Houston started singing in church and went to South Side High School.

When Houston was only eight years old, her mother had a stroke and died from a brain hemorrhage caused by a cerebral hemorrhage three years later. Her father died of stomach cancer when she was 18. She then moved in with one of her older brothers or sisters.

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Cissy Houston- Career Path

Houston joined her siblings in the gospel group the Drinkard Four, later renamed the Drinkard Singers, as a child. Houston debuted on TV Gospel Time. “A Joyful Noise,” RCA’s live album, featured the group’s church performances.

is cissy houston still alive

As Houston got older, she kept singing, and in 1963, she, Doris Troy, and Dee Dee Warwick made a group called “The Sweet Inspirations“. The Sweet Inspirations sang backup vocals for Lou Rawls, Otis Redding, The Drifters, and Houston’s niece, Dionne Warwick, among others. Houston can also be heard singing the operatic soprano part on “Ain’t No Way,” which was a hit for Aretha Franklin. The Sweet Inspirations also sang in the background for The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s song “Burning of the Midnight Lamp.”

By 1969, the group was singing background vocals in Las Vegas for Elvis Presley. This was the last time Houston would perform with “the Sweet Inspirations”. She had decided to stop touring so much so she could focus on her solo career and spend more time with her kids.

In 1977, Private Stock Records signed Houston. During her time with the label, she put out three albums. Michael Zager produced all of them. In 1979, she sang “You’re the Fire” at the World Popular Song Festival to represent the United States. The song got her second place.

is cissy houston still alive

In 1996, she received the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album for her album, “Face to Face.” In 1998, she won a second Grammy Award for her album, “He Leadeth Me.” The two performed the track “I Know Him So Well,” from the Broadway show, “Chess,” and have also performed one of the songs on the soundtrack to the movie, “Daddy’s Little Girls” in 2007. In 2014, at age 80, Houston performed alongside Aretha Franklin on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Is Cissy Houston Dead Or Alive?

Yes, she is still alive. Born in New Jersey, United States in 1933, Cissy Houston is a native of the United States. Speaking on behalf of Emily Drinkard’s private life, I can attest that she is happily living the good life, both physically and financially.

It was once reported that he had passed away, but that was just a rumor. Famous albums that feature her music include “A Time to Kill”: Original Soundtrack Album, “The Preacher’s Wife”: Original Soundtrack Album, and “Daddy’s Little Girl”: Original Soundtrack Album.

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Personal Life

is cissy houston still alive

Houston tied the knot with Freddie Garland in 1955. Together, they had a son named Gary Garland, who went on to play basketball in the NBA. But Gary’s parents split up before he was born.

Houston met John Houston in 1958 when she was 24 and he was still married. They started seeing each other as Houston’s first marriage was coming to an end. They had two children together during this time. After he got divorced in 1964, the new couple got married the next month. When Houston was in The Sweet Inspirations, John was her manager. The couple’s relationship eventually went bad, and even though they were still married until 1991, they got a divorce.

is cissy houston still alive

Houston got a lot of attention because her daughter Whitney was having trouble with drugs. She set up a number of interventions to get her daughter to get help and go to rehab programs. But Whitney Houston died in Los Angeles in February 2012. She wrote a book about her daughter’s life and tragic death called “Remembering Whitney: My Story of Love, Loss, and the Night the Music Stopped.” It came out in 2013.


People seem to think nothing of spreading rumors about the demise of celebrities now that it has become such a common practice. The rumor that Cissy Houston has passed away is another example that has captured the attention of a lot of people. People should think twice before giving credence to those rumors.

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