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Chanel West Coast of Mtv Is Expecting Her First Child with Her Boyfriend, Model Dom Fenison.

The star of “Ridiculousness” and her boyfriend, Dom Fenison, recently announced the birth of their daughter. On November 2, she stated on Instagram: “After many many hours in labor I ended up giving birth to my baby girl through C-section.” She had several issues and didn’t want to give birth alone.

Chanel claimed it was “the scariest yet most rewarding day of my life.”

Chanel claimed it was "the scariest yet most rewarding day of my life."

The famous woman declared that having a daughter was “the nicest thing that ever happened to me,” adding that she had “never felt a love like this before.” And she concluded by praising Dom for being “such an incredible dad already” and giving me “the best gift.”

Chanel announced to E! News exclusively last summer that she and Dom were expecting their first child together. She stated she was “simply hoping for a happy, healthy baby,” even though she didn’t know the sex of the baby at the time.

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Dom Fenison and Chanel West Coast Celebrate the Birth of Their First Child

The co-host of “Ridiculousness” posted the happy news to her Instagram stories on Wednesday. After a very long labor, I had to have a c-section to deliver my daughter. There were some issues, and she didn’t want to have the baby on her own.

Coast referred to it as ‘the scariest and most gratifying day of her life by far,’ and she added, “[I] Never felt a love like this before. She is the most fortunate event of my life.

Thank you @domfenison for giving me the best gift in the world and being such a fantastic parent already,” the singer and rapper continued. I adore both of you. The new mother also posted a photo of her newborn sleeping for the first time with the caption, “Our Lil nugget sound asleep.” The baby’s name is still a secret.

Coast’s Pregnancy Was Very Dangerous.

Coast's Pregnancy Was Very Dangerous.

The TV host had a difficult pregnancy, marked by morning sickness and swelling in her hands and feet. It’s not the easiest when you start to get very, very big,” she stated last month on the effects of her weight gain. Slight puffiness has appeared on my face.

I said, “Hey, can you lift that a little bit so we don’t have the double chin?” while people were shooting pictures. However, I came to appreciate the amazing beauty of pregnancy. It’s all about how you present yourself throughout pregnancy; it’s lovely no matter how you appear.

“Even with the bloating and the swollen legs and hands, I still put my glam on, still do my hair and makeup, put on a gorgeous outfit, and just go out there and rock it as if I wasn’t pregnant at all,” she had added.

Chanel West Coast and Dom Fenison, you two are in for a treat as new parents; congrats! There will be more information forthcoming, so please do not go away.

They announced the gender of their baby in June.

The happy couple announced the arrival of their daughter on Instagram back in June. Coast broadcast the event as Fenison unfurled an umbrella filled with pink confetti to discover the gender of the baby. In the clip, the expecting mother can be seen dancing and jumping for delight.

Baby daughter, here we come!!!”  Thank you so much for loving me the way you do, @domfenison. You’re going to be an amazing parent. ” It was her caption on the photo she’d posted.

Read on to see more of the contented family of three:

  • Compatible Mates

Both mom and baby looked adorable in their flowered hospital attire.

  • Quality Time with Dad

The dad held his daughter up and beamed with pride.

  • Rest and Relaxation, Long Overdue

The newborn infant napped after a long day.

  • In the Pink

Bowie revealed a lovely pastel hat.

  • Spending Time Together

The little one fell asleep in his mother’s arms.

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