Is April Marie Pregnant?

Is April Marie Expecting 1st Child With Partner Cody Cooper?

American model, reality TV personality, and social media influencer April Marie. She has a reputation for working with several businesses and image projects. She has reportedly been on many brand billboards in Los Angeles. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, a new Netflix series, will feature her, though. We now have a fresh viewpoint thanks to the Netflix dating reality series The Ultimatum.

Simply said, a long-term partnership is insufficient. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is the next best show if you like reality shows like Love is Blind and Too Hot To Handle. Six couples are examined in the program, each of whom has received a marriage demand from one partner.

Three weeks are given to them to decide what they expect from one another. Established relationships have been put to the test by freshly formed couples. And April and Jake have undoubtedly attracted our attention. Considering the series’ emotional rollercoaster, many are wondering: Is April Marie pregnant?

Is April Marie Pregnant?

Yes! The Ultimatum alum Star April Marie was expecting her first child with partner Cody Cooper. April posted on Instagram a montage of images showing the couple holding a sonogram and a positive pregnancy test “The most difficult secret to maintain, ever! Shortly… in 2023.”

Is April Marie Pregnant?

The 25-year-old then explained her pregnancy in a subsequent post for her unborn child, revealing that she and Cody, 30, initially learned the good news in December.  On February 14, she posted, “Made a bestie with my bestie.”

“Mommy and Daddy wanted to take advantage of our private and unique moments while adjusting to changes, seeing you develop, and making sure we survived the first trimester. I couldn’t believe it, so I was really stunned. It’s finally beginning to feel so genuine, though, now that we are here.”

April explained how she had “a sense” that she was pregnant and visited a doctor’s office to find out for sure. She described the experience as a “rollercoaster.” The reality star said, “There you were on your first ultrasound,” and added that she and Cody told their families about the pregnancy soon after the visit.

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April Was “Frustrated” at The Way Jake Handled Things

Before discovering she was pregnant, she opened up about the couple’s relationship in an earlier episode. She also expressed her frustration with the way her boyfriend handled the pregnancy scenario, saying: “Every time, we’ve never used protection.” Never once has he abandoned me.

Is April Marie Pregnant?

“It’s like this motherf*cker tries to have a baby with me every night for others to say ‘He’s not ready for kids’! That’s what aggravates me. When Rae (who was originally partnered with Zay) spoke to Jake about the scenario, he claimed he was “open to sleeping together with no protection” and continued, “if it happened, it happened.”

Rae then reported to April that Jake had remarked, “if it happened, it happened.” This infuriated and enraged April, who even started crying as she described her infertility problems, including how she has ovarian cysts and that her body has trouble ovulating.

Will the Pregnancy Scare Affect Jake’s Decision?

Jake had a very successful test marriage with Rae, who later dumped her boyfriend, but he must now choose whether to ask April to marry him or risk permanently losing her. Considering what we’ve seen, it seems like Jake still has feelings for April because.

Is April Marie Pregnant?

when they were reunited, he seemed really sorry. He admitted to his girlfriend that he entered the program with no intention of wanting anybody else, and they both talked about how the show “raised light on the difficulties in their relationship.”

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What Is the Relationship Status of April Marie?

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On will include both April Marie and her partner Jake Cunningham. Before, on September 18, 2019, they started dating. Prior to April’s choice causing a rift and forcing them to live apart, they dated for two years.

Jake Cunningham was given two demands from Mrs. Marie: a child and a wedding ring. Jake had not, however, flatly rejected April’s plea. The truth is that he recently departed the military after serving for five years.

He wants to be financially secure before making any commitments. Due to this, Jake and Marie ended up in the Netflix original film The Ultimatum. In this film, we will see if Jake takes Marie’s offer or leaves her behind.

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