If Shakira Takes Her Children to Miami, Gerard Piqué Will Follow Suit.

Pique Stops Shakira from Taking Her Children to Miami

Nothing except a legal war between Colombian singer and Spanish soccer star seems likely, as their conflicts over the best interests of the two children they have together may lead them to appear before a judge to establish their respective rights and obligations.

Shakira and Gerard Pique’s two children, Milan and Sasha, are already on vacation, and their mother, Laura Fa, a journalist for Television Espaola, says she wants to take them to Miami, Florida, for two months to enjoy the beach.

The Unconditional Affection of A Parent

Pique Stops Shakira from Taking Her Children to Miami

However, a Barcelona Club player in Sweden has informed her that he will not allow the children to leave Spain.

Shakira has decided to leave the country temporarily, but she needs Pique to sign paperwork allowing her to do so with her children, which he hasn’t done yet.

Thus, the footballer’s reluctance is based on the assumption that the children would suffer if they were to spend so much time apart from their paternal grandmothers and grandfather.

The children have grown up with Pique’s parents, who have lived next door to his house since the birth of the children.

So Piqu seeks to protect that link and will not allow them to go two months without seeing one another. “The negotiations will be very difficult,” says the Catalan journalist.

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In Front of The Entire World, Lone and Isolated.

Pique Stops Shakira from Taking Her Children to Miami

Moreover, Lorena Vazquez, a Spanish journalist, revealed that Shakira has never had a good connection with the wives and girlfriends of Pique’s colleagues, so she doesn’t expect them to back her if she needs to take her children out of Spain in court.

Because she thought she was superior, she didn’t treat them very well.” When I was growing up, they called me La Patrona.”

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