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Home Alone Actor Devin Ratray Charged With Domestic Assault

Home Alone actor Devin Ratray was charged with domestic assault and beatings after allegedly attempting to strangle his girlfriend. The detention occurred Wednesday after Oklahoma City authorities issued a warrant following the woman’s allegations.

Davin Ratray is accused of domestic violence and strangulation, according to online court documents. The state of Oklahoma issued the warrant on Tuesday, and his bail reached $ 25,000. Authorities told Fox News that the actor “surrendered spontaneously and was tried and sentenced.”

The actor who became quite popular in the early 1990s for the role Buzz McCallister in the first two Home Alone films,. According to a police report obtained by Page Six, the fiance claimed that Devin Ratray had beaten her and then tried to strangle her.

In the documents obtained by KFOR, the woman was identified as Ratray’s girlfriend, who then recounted the situation. It all came about after an argument broke out in an Oklahoma hotel bar. It seems that the actor drank too much and would have been furious that the girl would have given some of his autographs to fans without his permission. Once back in the room, in separate moments, Ratray would have shut her mouth, trying to strangle her. However, the woman managed to escape and tell the authorities everything. 

The actor has firmly denied the allegations, despite the authorities arresting him. According to sources, however, he has now returned free after paying the $ 25,000 bail.

Devin Ratray recently told PEOPLE that a Home Alone reunion was in the works with some of the original cast. The actor also recently reprised the role of Buzz in Disney’s reboot Home Sweet Home Alone.

Home Sweet Home Alone: What Is The Movie About?

Home Sweet Home Alone is one of the best things one can expect to revisit their childhood. The reboot of the original Home Alone has been labeled pretty good by the critics and fans. The story revolves around Jeff (Rob Delaney) who wants to get a German doll in order to save his family. On his side, he has his wife, Pa, (Ellie Kemper) who then goes on a long voyage to make the reboot one of the funniest Christmas movies one can witness this year. 

The film also stars Jim Rash, Kenan Thompson, Pete Holmes, Catherine Cohen, Tom Simons, and Andy Daly in some much important roles. If you are looking for a movie to feel the Christmas nostalgia of your childhood, move right away to Disney+ to watch one of the finest reboots of the year.

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