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Bakugo Destroyed All The Progress He’s Made in My Hero Academia – Key Management Insights

Since his debut in My Hero Academia, Katsuki Bakugo has matured tremendously, to the point that his peers have jokingly referred to his accomplishments as big character growth spurts. Despite this, the hero-in-training flung them all out the window.

Yuga Aoyama is forgiven by everyone except Present Mic and Bakugo in chapter 338 after discovering the truth about his deeds. A few of Bakugo’s students think his response to Yuga’s treachery, which they perceive as severe, is to fire “five strong bursts of my Howitzer” in order to level things up. While training class 1-A in Beast’s Forest, Bakugo was taken by the League of Villains’ Vanguard Action Squad during their attack on the cat-themed Pro Hero team known as the Wild, Wild Pussycats. Assuming Yuga had not informed All For One with their location, Bakugo would not have been taken.

Bakugo’s arrest was a difficult experience, but it might have been much worse because Tomura Shigaraki wanted Bakugo to join them and he was treated with dignity during the ordeal. Yuga deceived Bakugo, yet his peers were willing to forgive his sins. To make matters worse, Bakugo’s character improvement began during the school festival, when he was more than supportive of class 1-A’s attempt to get their classmates excited about their band performance, culminating in Bakugo genuinely apologising for years of bullying.

Despite the fact that Deku and Bakugo had grown up together, their connection was shattered when Deku failed to acquire a quirk, with Bakugo continually taunting Deku for still wishing to be a hero despite not having any powers. It was especially painful for Deku, who aspired to be just like All Might, to receive continual criticism from his boyhood buddy. Throughout the manga, Deku and Bakugo’s friendship was characterised by this dynamic, which continued after Deku was admitted into U.A. High owing to his unexplained new talents that carried a striking similarity to All Might’s quirk. This new type of Bakugo’s bullying simply served to inflict even more pain on Deku.

As Bakugo’s persona grew more and more interesting during My Hero Academia, the naysayers began to go away. Deku and All Might’s secret link through One For All was only known to Deku and All Might, and he became one of Deku’s closest confidants because he and All Might were the only two individuals who knew about it. As a result, Katsuki Bakugo’s inability to forgive Yuga Aoyama despite everyone else’s success shows just how far he still needs to go in terms of emotional maturity before he can compete with the rest of his classmates.

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