Hawkeye Episode 6: When Will The Final Episode Release? Details Inside

Hawkeye Episode 6: When Will The Final Episode Release? Details Inside

Early in the morning, on November 24, 2021, Disney + welcomed the first two episodes of a new Marvel TV series, entitled Hawkeye, into its catalog. The protagonist is Clint Barton / Hawkeye, again played by Jeremy Renner. Hailee Steinfeld, as Kate Bishop, shared the scenes with him in what was presented as a miniseries.

But when do the other Hawkeye episodes come out? The appointment with the TV series falls every week on Wednesday. From the date indicated, the distribution of the title has begun in our country, which will continue for about a month until December 22.

What Time Do The Hawkeye Episodes Come Out?

Having established that the episodes of Hawkeye are available weekly on Wednesdays, at this point probably, you’re probably wondering what time streaming out of Disney +.

The preferred time is usually that of 2:00 am ET. The same goes for the new episodes of Hawkeye, which those interested will find available on the platform every Wednesday at the beginning of the day.

How many are the episodes

For the first season of Hawkeye, Disney + has provided only six episodes, each lasting approximately 40 minutes. Below you will find all the titles, as soon as they are available, with their respective release date :

  • First Episode: Hawkeye 1 × 01: Never Meet Your Heroes – November 24
  • Second Episode: Hawkeye 1 × 02: Hide and Seek – November 24
  • Third Episode: Hawkeye episode 1 × 03: Echo – December 1
  • Fourth Episode: Hawkeye 1 × 04: We Are Partners, Right? – December 8
  • Fifth Episode: Hawkeye 1 × 05: – December 15
  • Sixth Episode: Hawkeye 1 × 06: – December 22

Finally, we do not yet know if Disney+, in addition to season 1, will also welcome another chapter in streaming. To know the fate of the series and know if a possible second season of Hawkeye will see the light and when the new episodes come out, we will have to wait for Marvel and Disney to reveal their intentions. 

So far, it has not been confirmed whether the show will return for a second season, but one thing is sure that the saga revolving around Hawkeye will continue, one way or the other. Marvel has officially announced a Hawkeye spin-off titled ‘Echo.’ This will revolve around the character of Maya and will probably feature Kate Bishop as her teammate.

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