Grindstone Recipe: How Do You Make a Grindstone in Minecraft? Recipe & Materials

grindstone recipe

Grindstones in Minecraft let players fix and remove enchantments from their weapons. This makes them an important part of any world, so if you want to know how to make and craft them, we’ve got the recipe you need right here.

You’ll need to build a grindstone if you want to fix your favorite Minecraft items or take away an enchantment from a certain weapon.

But if you’re new to the game’s blocky world, you might not know how to make one, which can make it harder for you to stay alive in general.

A grindstone is a key item that every Minecraft player should know how to make. It can be used to fix other items, shortening the time it takes to keep your best loot in good shape.

What’s a Grindstone?

grindstone recipe

In Minecraft, the grindstone is a very useful tool. It is a must-have for sharpening your sword and fixing other tools that have been used and worn down. The Grindstone can also take away enchantments from your tools. This is useful when you want to get rid of a bad enchantment, like mining fatigue.

A villager can also use the grindstone as a place to work. Villagers who attach themselves to your grindstone will become weaponsmiths.

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How to make a Grindstone in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you need two Sticks, two Wooden Planks, and a Stone Slab to make a Grindstone. All of these things are pretty easy to get. Sticks and Wooden Planks can both be made with Wood, which is easy to find in all but the most difficult Minecraft seeds (opens in new tab).

For the Stone Slab, all you need are three pieces of Stone. This will make six Stone Slabs. If you’ve never made Stone before, just put some pieces of Cobblestone in a Furnace and heat them up. You’ll be able to make the Grindstone once you have all the parts.

How to use a Grindstone in Minecraft

The Grindstone can be used in a few different ways. First, it can be used to fix things. To do this, you must put in two items of the same type. Whichever item you put on top will be fixed by giving up the one on the bottom.

You can also remove Minecraft enchantments from an item. To do this, put the item with the enchantment in either of the two slots before turning it on. This takes away all enchantments that don’t curse and gives you a bit of experience for each one.

Note that an item’s enchantments will be removed even if you don’t want them to. In other words, take care of your items and don’t disenchant your favorite sword or pickaxe by accident.

Using the Grindstone will also get rid of any work penalties that the item has already gotten. This is the system that makes it more expensive to work on things with an anvil, so it’s a good way to “refresh” the tool you put it in.

The Grindstone is a great way to keep your items in good shape. It’s an important tool for any aspiring blacksmith, but you should be aware that removing your enchantments could be bad.

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How to find Grindstone in Minecraft towns?

grindstone recipe

You can also get a grindstone from a villager if you don’t want to make it yourself. In Minecraft, there are different jobs that villagers do. Grindstone can be bought from the people who make weapons.

You can trade them the grindstone or take any grindstone that isn’t being used. In the game, it’s easy to tell who the villagers are. They will wander around or do work in the village house while wearing an eye patch and a black apron.

You can trade something with them for a grindstone, or you can take an unclaimed block within the village. Most of the time, the easiest way to get something in Minecraft is to trade with a villager. Just have to look for the right chance and take it.

Once the trade is done, the villager can keep his job forever, depending on how you get the Minecraft Grindstone without bothering the villagers. But there is one more way in Minecraft to get grindstone.

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