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Grey’s Anatomy: The End Is In Ellen Pompeo’s Hand!

Grey’s Anatomy has entered its 18th season. According to author Lynette Rice, the end of the series will depend on the decision of actress Ellen Pompeo. In a book revealing the behind-the-scenes of Grey’s Anatomy, the author Lynette Rice assured that the departure of Ellen Pompeo would signify the end of the medical series.


Since the end of September, Grey’s Anatomy has debuted its 18th season on ABC. The medical series is always renewed at the level of intrigue. Fans are never at the end of their surprises. If some people wonder when the series will end, Lynette Rice has a little idea. Author of a book on the backstage of the show, she declared exclusively to L’Express UK that the departure of Ellen Pompeo would be the end.

“It’s the Ellen series, anyway; it’s been like that for several years. And at the end of the day, she’ll decide if it goes beyond an 18th season. While it is impossible to know if there will be another season of Grey’s Anatomy, certainly, Ellen Pompeo will not continue her acting career after the end of the series. 

“I’m not saying that I will never play again , I could very well do it. But I’m not super excited to continue my acting career”. When asked if the series would end soon, creator Shonda Rhimes replied that she didn’t know more. The producer has given way to showrunner Krista Vernoff as to the future of the series.


Isaiah Washington does not intend to let go of Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey. In a series of tweets, the actor clashed with his former Grey’s Anatomy co-stars. In a podcast, the interpreter of Preston Burke had then made surprising confidences. He claimed that Ellen Pompeo accepted a check for $ 5 million. A large sum not to reveal the attitude of Patrick Dempsey.

Whoever plays Derek Shepherd didn’t have a good attitude on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. Producers had thus confirmed “a seizure of the actor. But it does not stop there. The actor then seized his Twitter account. He did not hesitate to tackle the performances of Ellen Pompeo in the series Grey’s Anatomy. 

“It’s interesting because I only shot 7 scenes with Ellen Pompeo during the 3 years I was on the show. The producers told Shonda Rhimes to limit my scenes with her because I was gouging out the screen and highlighting her mediocre talent”.

And that’s not all.  Annoyed that the actress is popular in the United States, the actor then revealed a little more about Ellen Pompeo. “Is she the queen the world loves?” A white woman who denigrates a black man and his playmate? She is crazy and lacks self-confidence. She is disrespectful and disgusting in reality”. Since Isaiah’s violent attacks, neither Patrick Dempsey nor Ellen Pompeo has reacted.

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