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Signing up for a Google Account: A guide

Users can link their Google account to their AVOD account. When you link accounts, you can use the “Sign in with Google” button on the platform to log in with just one click. This is a one-time option that can be turned off in the admin portal at the account level.

Sign up for Google is a service that you can use for free. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) is a set of core productivity apps that Google gives away for free to schools and other educational organizations. If your school uses these apps, you will be able to use the video platform, Google Apps, and Google Classroom without having to sign in again.

Please read the admin portal help article to find out how to turn on or off the feature for your accounts.

If you don’t want to link your Infobase user account to your Google account, you can check the “Enable Direct Google Login” option in the admin portal at the same time you enable this option.

Assuming that this feature is turned on for your account, the steps below show you how to link your Google account to a platform account, check the status of this link, and break it if you need to.

Linking Your Google Account

There are two places on the platform where you can link your Google account for the first time. Main Login Page

  • To link your account, either click the “Sign in with Google” button or set the “You Profile” option to “ON.”
  • Who You Are (logged in as a general user or signed in to your personal user account)

**NOTE: If you are already signed into a Google account and you are using Chrome, once you turn on Google in My Profile and click the Save button, you will be automatically connected to that Google account. The steps below will be taken for all other browsers.

All three will take you to the same Google page, which is shown below.

For this link to work, you have to click the Allow button. If you click “Deny,” your Google account won’t be linked, and you’ll have to start over.

After you click “Allow,” you’ll be taken to the login to link with the Google page, which looks like what’s shown below.

You must already have a user account in order to go on. If you don’t already have a personal user account, you can skip this step and log in as a general user, or you can ask your administrator to make you one.

You will be sent to the link account page if any of the following is true:

You don’t have a platform user account with a Google email address that matches, or you don’t have a user account at all.

You have more than one account on a platform with the same Google email address.

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1a. No Matching Email:

Once you click the “Link” button, your accounts will be linked, and you’ll be logged into the platform automatically.

When you go back to the platform, you can now click the Sign in with Google button to get in right away. You can also sign in with your own user account by entering your username and password.

1b. Creating a New User Account:

If you click on “Create one,” you will be taken to the “Create Account” page.

From your Google account, your name and email address will already be filled in.

Fill out the rest of the fields and click the button at the bottom that says “Create Account.” You will be automatically logged in, and every time you go back to the platform, you can now just click the Sign in with Google button to be logged in right away.

2. Multiple Matches:

If you know you have a valid platform user account, please contact your administrator or support to get help finding all of the accounts that share your email address.

Disconnecting your Google Account:

You can close your Google account in two ways:

  • From the page that says “My Profile.”
  • From the Google account, you already have.

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1. Removing access from within My Profile:

In the My Profile section, you can disconnect the Google sign-in to break the link between the two accounts.

  • Sign in to the platform with your Infobase user account or by clicking the Sign in with Google button.
  • Under “Your Profile,” you can sign in to your own user account.
  • Select Profile.
  • You can turn the switch for Connected Partner Apps on or off. If it’s turned on in the admin portal, it should be set to ON right now.
  • At the bottom of the page, click Save Changes.

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