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Glass Onion a Knives out Mystery Will Be Premired on December 2023!

Another murder mystery awaits you in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The crime in Glass Onion takes place on a Greek island rather than at Harlan Thrombey’s Massachusetts mansion, as in the first Knives Out.

Edward Norton plays Miles Bron, a tech mogul who has invited some friends over for the weekend, but the trip quickly turns deadly. We can rest assured that the truth will be uncovered because Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) was there and will be one of the guests.

It is Rian Johnson’s follow-up to 2019’s Knives Out, and he also wrote and directed it. However, the new film stars an entirely new cast in addition to Daniel Craig, who returns as the brilliant private investigator Benoit Blanc (with a Cajun accent).

While Lionsgate Films released the first Knives Out in theatres across the United States, Netflix purchased the rights to both sequels for $450 million in 2021. After a worldwide theatrical run of one week in November, the film will become available via streaming service in December.

Do we know who plays who in Glass Onion?

Do we know who plays who in Glass Onion?

What else would you expect from a sequel that boasted a cast that included the likes of Daniel Craig, Toni Collette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ana De Armas, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon, LaKeith Stanfield, and Christopher Plummer in the original?

A slew of A-listers, including Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn, Leslie Odom Jr., and Dave Bautista, as well as Madelyn Cline (Outer Banks) and Jessica Henwick (Game of Thrones), has joined the returning Detective Danny Craig in this installment.

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As for the mystery surrounding its moniker, let’s start with this:

Tulum, a Netflix fan site, claims that the title references the Beatles’ 1968 song Glass Onion.

Director Rian Johnson was trying to come up with “an overblown metaphor” for Craig’s detective Blanc when the word “glass” popped into his head. He did so by consulting the tunes he had stored on his computer.

“To tell you the truth, I have no idea. To find this song, I pulled out my iPhone and used the “word glass” function “To quote Johnson: “Being the enormous Beatles fan that I am, the song ‘Glass Onion’ immediately came to me.”

It’s a tropical mystery, and it’s going to be a glass onion.

It's a tropical mystery, and it's going to be a glass onion.

Johnson describes the film as a “tropical murder mystery” that takes place in a Greek mansion owned by a billionaire in his comments about the movie.

Before anything else, he explained, “it’s structured around a group of friends, or frenemies, who all have a power dynamic with one of their successful friends.”

“He starts by giving them an invitation to a murder mystery game in a far-flung location. When things finally go wrong in The Last of Sheila, it’s aboard his yacht. Essentially, that’s how the story of Glass Onion gets rolling.”

Although Daniel Craig will be back, the new film will not be a continuation of the original but rather a mystery in its own right.

Glass Onion was Johnson’s first novel in ten years, and he told Digital Spy at the time that it was “such a mindfuck” to write after spending so much time on Knives Out.

If you’re trying to decipher the title, you might want to know that the words “glass onion” refer to bottles with large bottoms in the shape of an onion that was used to store brandy or wine on old sailing vessels. Will the bottle become the next container for a set of ornamental knives?


When is it going to be available?

If you can’t wait to see Glass Onion and spoil it for your friends until its Netflix premiere on December 23, you can catch it in 600 U.S. theatres (more to be announced around the world) for a week starting on November 23 and running through the following Sunday, November 29. Here you can purchase tickets to the “sneak-preview event.”

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