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Who Is Gisele Dating Now that She and Tom Brady Have Split Up?

After divorcing Tom Brady, Gisele Bündchen has resumed her dating life. On Saturday, she was spotted out with her alleged new boyfriend Joaquim Valente.

While on vacation in Costa Rica, the couple had supper with the 42-year-old supermodel’s two kids, Benjamin and Vivian. Benjamin is a 12-year-old and Vivian is a 9-year-old. The excursion happened a month after Bündchen and Brady, both 45, officially ended their 13-year marriage.

Consequently, who is the mysterious man who seems to be dating the former Victoria’s, Secret Angel? Here is all there is to know about Valente.

Gisele Bündchen is now dating?

Gisele Bündchen is now dating?

On November 14, 2022, multiple publications reported seeing Gisele out to dinner in Costa Rica with Miami-based jiu-jitsu coach Joaquim Valente. With Gisele’s children Benjamin and Vivian along for the ride, the group headed out to supper at Koji in Provincia de Puntarenas.

Jordan, Joaquim’s fellow trainer, was also present, according to Page Six. Despite the fact that the two appear to be getting along, several sources say that reports of a love relationship are “Absolutely Untrue.”

Joaquim and his two brothers have been teaching Gisele and the kids martial arts for the past year and a half, a source informed Page Six. The insider further stated that Joaquim and Gisele’s connection is “strictly platonic and professional.”

Jordan and Joaquim travel with the family when they are out of town because the children are homeschooled, a second insider said to the media outlet. Fans who were paying close attention may have noticed Joaquim on Gisele’s Instagram post from February 23, 2022, when she said that learning self-defense was “empowering”, especially for women.

Regarding the relationship allegations, a different insider told Fox News Digital, “None of it’s real. This person has been Gisele’s martial arts instructor for a long time. None of the relationship rumors are true.

Gisele wasn’t on vacation with the Valente brothers alone, according to a third source who told TMZ that there were “six adults and eight kids” who joined in on the fun. The source also said that Gisele has “many friends” in the region.

Contrary to popular belief, Gisele appears to have been out with her family and not on a date. Hopefully, fans will be the first to know when she decides to move on!

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Gisele Bündchen is spending time with her children in Brazil.

Both celebrities announced on their social media pages that they had mutually chosen to part ways amicably. Soon after, rumors about the two celebrities’ potential new relationships began to circulate.

Numerous celebrities and models have publicly stated their want to date Brady, but Tom has been preoccupied with the NFL season and hasn’t publicly reacted to any of them.

However, after the two were sighted on holiday in Costa Rica, rumors that Gisele had already moved on with her kids’ jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente began to spread like wildfire.

Brady was reportedly upset by this and felt that his wife had moved on too soon. These are only rumors, though, as neither Gisele nor Joaquim have made any public comments about their relationship. Gisele is reportedly spending time with her children in her native Brazil in the middle of all of this.

Given the recent trauma that the entire family has experienced, one must admit that it was a break that was definitely needed.

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