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Eternals 2: Is A Sequel Coming?

Now that Eternals has arrived at the cinema, it is natural to ask ourselves, given the post-credits scenes of this film, if we will have a second chapter dedicated to this ensemble cast. Will Eternals 2 arrive? 

Unfortunately at the moment, this information is still confidential, even if the first hypotheses and the first rumours have started on the web. The news is also conflicting, given that, on the one hand, there is talk of the absolute certainty of a sequel and the lack of need for a product that continues the story of the Eternals.

A rumour dating back to May 2021 had revealed that Marvel was already working on Avengers 5, Eternals 2, and many other titles never announced. The news that anticipates the announcement of Eternals 2 comes from John Camepa, an expert leaker who has already revealed in the past that he has contacts within Marvel. In a recent video of his, the scooper revealed that he had uncovered plans for the future of the Studios, which would not yet reveal its most important projects.

John Camepa wanted to share with his followers the news that Marvel Studios are already working on Eternals 2 and Avengers 5. This last ensemble film has already been talked about in the past when several rumours have hypothesized a hypothetical cast and a possible plot. However, with the whole phase 4 still in front of us, unedited at the moment, it is impossible to define with certainty what the film could be about. But here’s what the insider said:

“It’s basically the same reason Avengers 5 and Eternals 2 weren’t announced. They were only announcing those films up to 2023 that have verified release dates. There are over 20+ projects on the board. We all know there’s going to be an Avengers 5 and there’s going to be an Eternals 2.”

Eternals 2: What Is The Plot?

What could Eternals 2 talk about? The plot of this film remains unknown, although it could easily reprise the characters introduced in the previous movie. The story could continue where Eternals ends, although this is more likely to have a following in other Marvel Studios products, such as movies or series for Disney+.

The post-credits scenes of Eternals hint at a well-defined future of the heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so all that remains is to understand if this will also include Eternals 2. As soon as there are advances in the plot of this eventual sequel, we will update you.

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