Death Parade Season 2 Release Date: Confirmation on Renewal or Cancellation!

Death Parade Season 2

Death Parade first introduced us to the afterlife’s games more than six years ago.

Madhouse produced the anime series in 2015, and it quickly became a smash with fans. Season 2 of Death Parade became so successful that Madhouse had to deal with an overwhelming amount of demand from fans. Despite the fact that the studio is known for producing one-season anime series, the company caved in and promised a second season.

There was a promise of a second season. Is it on its way? Let’s investigate.

Death Parade Season 2′: When Can We Expect It? When?

The fact is that Death Parade season 2 hasn’t been updated in a while, and its release date is still uncertain. Despite this, Madhouse has not yet announced that the beloved anime series would be canceled, so fans can hold onto their expectations.

Death Parade, or Desu Paredo, is based on Yuzuru Tachikawa’s short film Death Billiards. From January to March of this year, there were 12 episodes of the anime series that broadcast. It came as no surprise to those who know Madhouse, the studio behind such popular anime series as Death Note, One Punch Man, and Hunter x Hunter. Madhouse announced a second season of Death Parade in 2016 due to the show’s success. Season 2 has yet to be released, and there are numerous hypotheses as to why.

For one thing, Madhouse may be struggling with the absence of season 2 content. Death Parade, in contrast to much other anime series, is based solely on a short film directed by Tachikawa.

In order to continue the story after the first season’s conclusion, they’d have to come up with a brand new storyline, since there isn’t any existing source material.

Death Parade Season 2 Plot Suggestions?

Season one’s events will help you better understand what’s going on now. We are introduced to the afterlife in Death Parade, where people are transferred to one of many mystery bars when they die.

  • Bartenders act as arbiters at the bars they work in. In order to determine whether or not they will be reborn, they make the dead compete in Death Games.
  • Decim, a bartender, and Quindecim’s Arbiter is at the center of the plot. During the time he spent with Chiyuki, Decim began to feel human emotions. Decim decided to resurrect Chiyuki following a series of events. There was no more time to waste as Chiyuki moved on to a new life, and Decim kept the bar open to welcome any new customers.
  • Madhouse can always delve into Decim’s backstory to flesh out his persona further while the season 2 plot remains a mystery. Decim’s behavior as an Arbiter will also be interesting to watch after the emotional interaction with Chiyuki.

It’s impossible for viewers to fathom a program without Decim, the show’s protagonist. Japanese actor Tomoaki Maeno has agreed to give his talents if the second season ever occurs. Asami Seto will return to the show when Chiyuki returns. The supporting players are listed in the paragraphs that follow:

If Chiyuki’s freshly incarnated life dies, she could be returned to the afterlife. Will she be able to identify Decim if that happens?

Have you ever participated in bar games? In the event that you haven’t already, we strongly recommend that you learn to play them. Even if you’ve previously learned everything there is to know about a subject, you may always brush up on your knowledge. If you’re reading this, you must be wondering why we’re asking these kinds of questions. Death Parade’s plot hinges on these bar games, after all.

Decim, a bartender, is the protagonist of Death Parade. The average bartender has nothing on this guy. He has a significant impact on the afterlife destiny of those who meet him. It is up to their performances to determine whether or not they are reborn or sent to the abyss. For them, there is no other choice but to join in on his bar games. However, a young girl by the name of Chiyuki challenges his bar system. She starts to have doubts about his approach.

At some point down the road, she also aids him in expanding his knowledge of human life.

Death Billiards is a setting for this show. An anime film for television that debuted two years before the first episode of the show itself. Billiards is the means by which the two men’s fortunes in the hereafter are decided.

The Finale of Death Parade

The first batch of Death Parade episodes aired from January to March of 2009. The final image showed Chiyuki’s mother, who had contemplated suicide, sobbing. Decim allows her to see her mother again. As a result, she rejects his proposal since she does not want to leave his buddies behind at the Quindecim bar. As a result of his admiration, Decim consigns her to the cycle of reincarnation. Human lives and emotions are important to other arbitrators. In Decim’s bar, he has a mannequin that resembles Chiyuki.

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Second Season of Death Parade: Plot Points to Watch For

The emotional and fulfilling ending to the previous episode. Decim’s internal dynamics were undoubtedly altered by Chiyuki’s departure. In the second season, Decim’s persona may be slightly altered. In addition, the viewers will be able to see a shift in the arbiters’ work ethics.

In the last episode, Chiyuki was sent to the reincarnation cycle. Because of this, we have no idea how the filmmakers plan to reintroduce her to the public eye. Alternatively, we could see a new character step in to replace Chiyuki on the show. All we know is that fans can expect another thrilling chapter in the franchise.

 Death Parade’s second season was the subject of numerous rumors in 2018. It was quashed at the time by the creators, however. Although it has been a smashing success, fans don’t know when it will return to their television sets. If we get formal confirmation on its availability, we will update this section.

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Trailer for Death Parade Season 2


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