Cowboy Bepop: Is That A Real Dog?

Cowboy Bepop

In the Netflix series Cowboy Bebop, the Corgi Ein plays an important role. But as the dog played by a natural dog? For a few hours now, fans of the famous manga from the 90s, Cowboy Bebop, can return to their childhood. The live-action series is indeed available on Netflix, and it raises a big question. Namely, was the Corgi played by a natural dog?


Do some people doubtless wonder why we ask ourselves such a question? Indeed, why not use a natural dog when a series or a film is made with real actors? Quite simply to make it easier to shoot. It has already happened that specific productions use special effects for certain animals to avoid overcomplicating the task for certain scenes. But concerning Cowboy Bebop, the shooting would have been done with a real animal.

In any case, this is what our colleagues from Tele-Loisirs know. The media ensured that Ein, the Corgi of the series, would indeed be a natural doggie. If you haven’t seen a single episode of the project yet, you don’t know when the animal appears. Fortunately, we will give you the answer. In case you want to see what the hairball looks like right away. You need to go to episode 3 of the Netflix series. An attack during which you will see the doggie for the first time. 

Specifically, this is when Jet and Spike save him. The two heroes, failing to give it to someone, then choose to keep it and adopt it. This also allows great animal lovers to have an additional interest in the series. But did you know that Cowboy Bebop’s dog was in the same boat as the rest of the cast? In any case, this is what the showrunner of the Andre Nemec project was saying. The latter confiding in Polygon.


 “Ein is an integral part of our series and the team. As always, there was something to be said about each of the characters. What is the fundamental soul of this character? We did this work for Ein as well. “But in Cowboy Bebop, it would be two dogs and not just one. It was once again the showrunner who broke the news. Charlie and Harry would be responsible for fulfilling their role as faithful companions of the characters in the series.

The latter would also have been very greedy on the set. As actress Daniella Pineda notes in an interview with Entertainment Weekly: “If you didn’t have food, they would smell it and go. “Mustafa Shakir, for his part, confirmed the words of his colleague: “They are addicted to sweets . And are literally on the alert for cuts of meat and leftover chicken. So if you wanted to be cool with dogs, you just had to have some chicken in your hand”. Before adding: “otherwise, they weren’t interested in you at all.” But they were super cute”. Andre Nemec, concluding at last: “They are both fantastic. They were the little kings of the Cowboy Bebop board. Everyone wanted to spend time with them”.


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