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Black Panther 2 | Rumors about Recasting Chadwick Amid Letitia Wright (Fans Demand)

Updates on Black Panther 2: Because there are so many Black Panther fans, there is a lot of uncertainty about the sequel’s filming — due, in part, to Letitia Wright’s vaccine status — which has fans wondering… why not just recast T’Challa???

Here’s how it works: According to some reports, Letitia wants to leave the Marvel Universe entirely, ostensibly in response to the vaccine mandates imposed by Disney. According to one report, the writers were forced to rework the ending, which was originally going to feature a lot of Shuri, due to this alleged ongoing issue.

However, the outlet also reported a few weeks ago that she was spreading anti-vax sentiments among those working on the set.

In an Instagram post, LW flatly denied that account and later deleted it. Fans, however, believe there is trouble in paradise and are now wondering why producers wouldn’t just get a new king of Wakanda… er, replace Chadwick Boseman with a new actor. Woah!

Black Panther 2 Letitia Wright Injury Updates

As a result, many have contended that it is impossible for a new successor to assume Chadwick’s mantle. In light of all the reported commotion, others argue that it could’ve and should’ve been done differently. As a result, many people think the concept of a new T’Challa to be the worst idea ever.

“I know this is a hot take but a lot of this supposed on-set drama of Black Panther 2 might’ve been prevented if they just recast T’Challa,” writes one Twitter user. However, despite the fact that I and many others had a fondness for Chadwick Boseman, that character had more to tell.”

There is a strong case that T’Challa deserves more screen time and movies and that overcomes any perceived snub to Chadwick and his memory by handing the torch to another actor playing that character.

Moreover, this isn’t just a few of people posting their opinions online… As part of the #RecastTChalla effort, there is a hashtag dedicated to it. In fact, some fans believe that Chadwick’s own remarks in earlier interviews corroborate the idea that he’s genuinely responsible for this.

There’s little doubt in my mind that Marvel will never put another T’Challa on the big screen, even if portion of the fan base is clamouring for it; they’re currently in the middle of development and will most likely not go down that path.

Our brains are being attacked (if any of the vaccine rumours are accurate)… Unlike in the comics, Shuri does not become the new BP, and the helmet is given to someone else… who is not T’Challa. ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ is expected to be released sometime in 2022, according to hearsay.

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