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All of Us Are Dead: New K-Drama Releasing In January 2022 | Netflix

All of Us Are Dead Updates: K-dramas have grown in popularity over the years, and one of the world’s largest streaming platforms, Netflix, has begun to broadcast these k-dramas from various genres. Highly anticipated Korean dramas or k-dramas have grown in popularity on the global platform with purely fictional content that has not harmed any other cultural domain so far. Aside from this, Korean films such as ‘Train to Busan’ have grown in popularity, with zombie-hor

One of the k-dramas, ‘All of Us Are Dead,’ is set to debut on the streaming platform Netflix in January. The first season of the zombie genre drama, written by Chung Sung-il and directed by Lee Jae Gyoo, is based on the popular webtoon ‘Now at our School.’

This time, we’ve dug deeper and gathered a slew of new information about the drama for you. We’re all dead, and this is what we find out!

During Netflix’s TUDUM event in September, the makers revealed that the release month for Netflix’s most anticipated zombie genre drama will be January 2022, but the exact date has yet to be confirmed. Thanks to Netflix for approving this genre K-Drama, which has paved the way for more upcoming related dramas.

The plot takes place in a high school where all of the students, as well as any other person in the school, are trapped inside after the zombie-virus spreads throughout the population. The drama will have 8 episodes totaling 42 minutes in length.

The cast of All of Us Are Dead has been confirmed, and it includes:

All of Us Are Dead Cast:

  • Cheong San-Yoon Chan young
  • Ohn Jo-Park Ji hoo
  • Nam Ra-Jo yi hyun
  • Su Hyuk-park solomon
  • Song Jae Ik-Lee kyu hyung
  • Lee byeong Chan-kim byung chul
  • Hee soo-Lee chae Eun
  • Seo hyeo reung-Kim bo yeon

As we all know, the popularity of k-dramas or the zombie genre is extreme and becoming timeless, so there’s no need to worry about whether the show will do better or not. As the webtoon already has 130 chapters to cover from there, we can expect the show to end after at least two seasons, but the other reason is entirely dependent on the popularity of the show after its release.

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