7 best ways to get viral on Instagram

7 best ways to get viral on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing platforms on the internet. This can be fairly contributed to the fast pace of the platform and the cycle of trends. Instagram has become the mainstream social media platform, attracting all sorts of brands and influencers from corners of the world. Also, Instagram is the best place to start a business on. With the right aesthetic and marketing strategy, you can have a successful business on the platform. This is why today we are going to discuss the 7 ways of going viral on Instagram. So without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Understand your audience

Understanding your audience is the first step to becoming viral on Instagram. The best way to analyze your audience on Instagram is by conducting surveys. In surveys, you can generally pass around a google form for your audience to tell you what they like and dislike.

This is a huge tip in getting the engagement you want because you’re curating content that they like. However, there is another way of understanding your audience. This can be done using Instagram insights or any other Instagram analytics tool. All you need is a tool that will let you know the activities of your Instagram followers. Also, you can find the content creators they follow.

Apart from that, the most important pieces of information that you can get about your audience are their age, gender, location, occupation, and interests. This will help you make content that feels more personalized, increasing the chances of it going viral.

Create a unique view and voice

The posts that go viral on Instagram have a clear intent. Clarity of intent and the perspective you add to it using images is the best way of creating a unique view and voice. If you add high-quality images along with it, then the chances of you going viral increase exponentially.

Most influencers on Instagram miss this tip out. As they are always trying to copy something that has already been created, the chances f them going viral reduce rapidly. To create a unique voice, you need to incorporate one of your personality traits in your content. This will help your viewers be more interactive with you, making their experience a lot better than before. This is one of the main ingredients in the virality of a content piece.

Work on aesthetic

Instagram is a visual platform. Since it began Instagram has been focusing on visuals more than anything else. This is what makes Instagram such a great platform for people. This was meant to make people share their daily lives, but now is a great tool for social media influencers.

For people who want to go viral and be consistent with it, working on aesthetics is the best way to do so. An aesthetic or form is something that alleviates your visual presence on Instagram much more. Now, the next thing that comes into the picture is conformity. Once you have started an aesthetic, you need to maintain it in every single one of your posts.

This is important because people like conformity in content. However, you have to make sure that it doesnt get boring because that is not feasible either.

Buy Instagram likes

One of the best ways to go viral on Instagram is to buy Instagram likes. The reason we say that is because Instagram likes and engagement act as social proof. Even though your content is just above average, when people look at it and have a ton of likes, they are more susceptible to like it themselves. Buying Instagram likes helps you climb the social ladder quickly.

This helps you stay ahead of the curve as you’re getting engagement on your posts, earlier than most of your competitors. This triggers the algorithm to boost your content even further. Now that your content has a lot more exposure, the chances of it going viral are now higher than before. The best websites that we would recommend to buy Instagram likes are, socialpros, airlift, and viewsexpert.

Review your competitor’s post and content

Another way of making sure your content works is to review your competitors. In the niche you choose in, there will always be a bigger fish in the ocean. You have to find these people and content creators and look into their profiles. There are a few things in particular that we want you to notice.

The first one is page optimization. What username do they have? What’s its relevance to their content? Does their page have a visual aesthetic? And more questions down the line. The next thing you need to notice is their posting frequency and post schedule. These are the days that you want to avoid because that increases competition for engagement in your content.

The last thing that you need to notice is what they create and what garners the most likes on their social media handle. If you can successfully review these three things, then you can create much better content than they can. And with the added likes and engagement that you buy, you will get viral.

Leverage analytics

Now that you have reviewed your competitors, the next step is to analyze your own account. Leveraging analytics is the best way to do so. If you have the slightest idea about analytical terms, then open Instagram insights and start writing down. You need to check whether your posts are doing as you want them to and the things you need to improve. This will help you get viral on Instagram as it helps your overall Instagram game.

Run instgram contests

The best way to get viral is by giving people an incentive to check your page. You can do this by organizing Instagram contests and giveaways. Since people are always high on competitive spirit, giving them an incentive to go through your content will work in your favor. However, make sure that the rules include following your page and spreading the word about the giveaway. Also, make sure the prize is compelling enough.


If you have always wanted to become viral on Instagram, these seven tips will help you substantially. If you have never tried any of these tips before, we highly recommend you do so. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word.


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