Best Rom-Com Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Best Rom-Com Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Even though classic romantic movies have a fan base, a subset of people will always prefer rom-com. It is a combination of both romance and comedy. Most of these movies are exciting and romantic at the same time.

Best Rom-Com Movies On Netflix To Watch Right Now

Many movies are available in the market; among them, only some have gained the audience’s attention. If you are interested in watching such a unique movie, read to know more about the best rom-com available on Netflix.

What Is the Best Romantic Series on Netflix Currently?

Currently, Netflix is streaming some of the best romantic series. Among them, The sex life series has gained more popularity. This entire plot revolves around two characters.

The female lead is a Suburban mom who again falls in love with her ex-lover while staying in the marriage. This series is a perfect balance between her past and present life. With some erotic scenes, this series is an ideal replacement for the Fifty Shades of Grey fans.

Top 8 Rom-Com Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Here we have listed some of the best new romantic comedies with the classics you can watch on Netflix. However, some movies may be unavailable or geo-restricted in your region.

If that’s the case, you can use different VPN servers to access it. For instance, if you want to use an Australian movie unavailable in your country, you should use an Australian VPN server.

You can access a server via a reliable VPN provider. We recommend you use VeePN VPN for Australia. It is the best VPN service provider that also has a free trial.

Now, let’s get on with our list.

1. The Notebook

It is one of the Classic romantic comedy movies available. Even though the movie got released in 2004, it is still popular among the general audience due to its compelling screenplay and direction.

The plot revolves around a woman having dementia who learns about the story of two star-crossed lovers named Allie and Noah from the notebook.

2. Save The Last Dance

This movie is all about perfect love between two white and black dancers who strive hard to succeed in their field.

The lead female suffers from trauma after the death of her mother. But after meeting the male lead, she combines with him to win her passion and internally break her traumatic experience.

It also focuses on the issues when a white woman falls in love with a black man. An epic focus is on the dance, and you can include it within the dance-based movies category.

3. No Strings Attached

This 2011 movie is about Adam looking for a no-strings relationship that strictly focuses on physical aspects. When he meets Emma, his perfect match, they create a pact that would benefit both their causes. But gradually, they both fall in love with each other which complicates their personal life.

The director has managed to execute the plot with perfect decency, regardless of the issues in the story.

4. Wedding Crashers

This movie is all about two guys who have an immense interest in crashing weddings. But during one such wedding situation, a friend falls in love with the bridesmaid making it an issue.

Even though this is a romantic movie, it explains the relationship between the two men and the focus on friendship. The emotions describing the beauty in this movie make it a better story to watch.

5. Just Friends

This movie is about Chris, an overweight man who alters his lifestyle to become fit and successful in his life.

Later, when he meets his ex-crush, who rejected him during his school life, he intends to make her fall in love with him again. Even though the plot is simple, the movie is made interesting with other characters like Samantha and his geek friend in school.

6. 20th Century Girl

If you are a fan of the recent K Dramas, you might love this movie, which focuses on a teenage girl who follows a young guy for her best friend. But the story plot becomes more interesting when she falls in love with the same guy.

This movie is one of the best movies about the variety of series released from Korea. Both the actors performed very well. Their chemistry is undeniable in this movie.

7. This Is 40

This movie is all about a couple who faces issues while turning 40. Released in 2012, this movie explains the day-to-day problems of a regular couple.

From these obedient kids to money issues, the director has covered everything that portrays the reality of life after marriage. It also focuses on explaining how loud is an essential aspect after a particular age. The director is sure that the plot is a romantic, comical, lightweight movie.

8. He’s Just Not that Into You

This movie’s plot might be confusing to read, but when you watch it, you might understand the importance of each character and their personal stories.

With four men and five women included in the plot line, the director explains their interests and a love story that provides heartbreak and reconciliation. It explains the complex factors of life and how one can resolve them with patience.


Watching a romantic comedy movie can be entertaining at the same time. Most people love them because the storyline moves forward without emotional turmoil, making them swoon at the beautiful scenes. If interested, you can always install a VPN and watch the movies through Netflix or any other channel available.



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