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Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks for A Spotless Bathroom

Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: Tips and Tricks for A Spotless Bathroom

These bathroom cleaning hacks are ideal for those who are familiar with conventional bathroom cleaning procedures but would like a shortcut on the occasional task.

We’ll be offering some amazing bathroom cleaning products that our staff has tried out, as well as some quick and natural ways to spruce up your space. These have been tried and tested, and are the best ones available (yeah, we all watch A LOT of Mrs. Hinch’s Instagram stories).

The Following 10 Cleaning Hacks Are Truly the G.O.A.T

bathroom cleaning hacks

  • Makeup stains? Shaving cream to the rescue!

Makeup that won’t come off easily can be removed with a dab of shaving cream. According to Leanne Stapf of The Cleaning Authority, shaving cream can assist remove a makeup stain from any garment by dissolving through the oil and then washing the item in hot water.

A few of dabs of shaving cream on the stain, followed by a 10-minute wait, and then thorough blotting with a clean towel should get rid of most of the stain. Makeup can be removed off clothing by rinsing the affected area with cold water and then washing as usual.

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  • Second, put your faucets and shower heads in a bag of vinegar overnight.

In need of a hands-free method to thoroughly scrub your shower head and other household faucets? Put some diluted white vinegar in a plastic bag, twist tie it over your shower head, or the faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, and leave it there overnight. The vinegar will break down the mineral deposits and clean everything up.

  • Third, always have a Magic Eraser handy in the bathroom.

Erasers with magical properties have several applications. As they are made of abrasive melamine foam, they may quickly and effectively clean the grout in your tiles or the soles of your sneakers.

Since they are activated by water, Apartment Therapy contributor Olivia Muenter recommends keeping one in the shower to clean the tub and walls before you rinse off.

To prevent the spread of germs, the label used sponges as such.

Sponge mats in the kitchen are notorious for harboring unpleasant microorganisms. We have a tip for you if you prefer to give your used dish sponges one last scrub down before dumping them: use them to scrub down the floors or the bathroom.

If you use your kitchen sponge for cleaning dishes and surfaces and then decide it’s too unclean to use, just snip off a corner. In this method, the sponge will be permanently “marked” as a utility sponge, and you won’t be tempted to use it for something more hygienic.

  • Joe Lingeman/Kitchen 5 Photo Credit. Get some Command Hooks if you need help keeping the liner in your garbage can from sliding about.

Garbage bag liners (and repurposed shopping bags) have a nasty habit of slipping down plain plastic trash cans, no matter how fantastic and inexpensive they may be.

The drawstring or handles of the trash bag can be looped around an inverted Command Hook fastened to the can’s two thinner edges, somewhere between a quarter and a third of the way down from the can’s top. This will ensure that the bag remains in place when the trash is added.

  • Use a chopstick to get into the tiny cracks and clean them up.

If you only use chopsticks for takeout, you’re missing out. These helpful implements can be used for more than just food preparation; they are also effective cleaning tools for the tough grime that accumulates in the crevices of your kitchen and bathroom.

Wrapping a cloth around a chopstick is a great way to clean hard-to-reach places like vents, grout, faucets, and other small fixtures and crevices.

  •  Makeup removed from fabric and other surfaces with baby shampoo.

Baby shampoo can be used to remove makeup from any surface, fabric, towel, brush, or other items in the same gentle manner as it can be used to remove oil and debris from hair.

To remove a mascara stain from the fabric, just wet a cloth and dab it into a nickel-sized blob of baby shampoo, and then rub the stained area gently. Baby shampoo can also be used in place of soap to thoroughly clean makeup brushes under a running faucet of tepid water.

  • An old toothbrush can be used as a precision cleaning tool by boiling and bending it.

Just add water to your old toothbrush and watch it go to work. Used toothbrushes should be soaked in a kettle of boiling water for about 10 minutes before disposal.

Remove it carefully using pliers or tweezers, and then bend the brush’s head in half backward to make a corner-shaped tool for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

  • Check Out These Simple Bathroom Tips To Get A Sparkling New Look #9: De-fog your mirror.

The glycerin in a shaving cream can prevent your bathroom mirror from steaming up in much the same way it protects your skin from razor cuts.

To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging up after your next shower, apply a thin layer of shaving cream and then wipe it off.

Use it to prevent fogging on your shower door, car windshield, or glasses for maximum effectiveness.

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  •  Use shaving cream to buff chrome and stainless steel accents.

bathroom cleaning hacks

Shaving cream, like regular soap, has cleansing agents including surfactants and emulsifiers to keep your face smooth and clean. This allows you to use it with a dry cloth or sponge to remove water spots from stainless steel and chrome without resorting to chemical cleaners.


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