Are Online Slots Worth It?

Are Online Slots Worth It

Playing online slots is one way to spend your leisure time online. Online slots are adapted from reel machines at many land casinos to give you the convenience of playing from the comfort of your seat. However, like any other real-money game, there is a serious risk that you may lose lots of your cash trying your luck. Their addictive nature may lead you to keep spending more when you lose. This may leave many wondering if it is worth their time and effort.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of online slots and provide a few tips to help you play safely the next time you hit an online casino.

Few advantages of playing online slots

  1. There is Little to Learn

You do not spend lots of time getting started with slots as you can start playing them in a few minutes, even if you are a novice. The only things you need to know are the controls so that you can select the bet size and start spinning the reels. All slots have an information screen that gives you the basics of the slot.

  1. There is a Chance to Win Big

Slots have the potential to win life-changing amounts with relatively low bet amounts. Several titles have huge fixed jackpots or several times the amount you staked. There are also many more progressive ones that run into millions of pounds before anyone wins them. Some of the highest paying titles are Megaways slots on Casino.Guide.

  1. They Have Entertaining Features

Slots have several amazing features that make them fun to play. The intriguing features also increase the possible wins in the slot in question. Some of the popular features include avalanche, free spins, stacking wilds, scatters, cascading reels, bonus round and nudging features, among others. While no title has all these features, many of them have several of them.

  1. There are Lots of Freebies at Online Slots

Many of the casinos offer freebies in terms of cash rewards, free spins and rounds. In fact, over half of the bonuses available at casinos are meant to be used with slots. Many of these bonuses are withdrawable after you meet the terms and conditions as set by the casino.

What are the Drawbacks of Online Slots?

While slots are popular, they have several weaknesses that you should consider the next time you visit your favourite casino. Here are a few of them.

  1. They are Highly Addictive

When you start playing with slots, you may get hooked so much that you end up spending your precious time and money while doing it. There are hundreds of cases where people have spent a fortune on slots and required help to quit. The use of glittering lights, sounds and amazing graphics pulls people into the game, so they forget about their natural world. It is important that you limit the amount you spend on slots.

  1. It is a Game of Chance

Slots are not games of strategy or skill. Therefore, there is nothing much that you can do to improve your chances of a win. This is a big drawback for people who would like to make life-changing amounts with slots. There are other strategy games like video poker and blackjack where your skill can earn you higher amounts and lower your risk.

  1. There is Low RTP

Most online slots have an average RTP of between 95% and 98%. While this payout range is not really low, many other categories, such as live casino and several table games, have RTPs of over 98%. Therefore, if you are a regular player at an online casino, these games may provide better chances of making some cash than the online slots.

  1. Volatility is Inversely Proportional to Payouts

At online casinos, there are high and low volatility slot types. The low volatility titles give payouts after a short while. However, the high volatility ones take time before any wins are made. Unfortunately, the low volatility ones give low amounts while the high volatility ones give substantial wins at the cost of your stake. Given that you are not sure when a payout may be made, you may spend huge amounts before you have any real win.

Are the Slots Worth it?

With the pros and cons discussed above, it depends on an individual player to determine if it is worth the effort. If you can win lots of money with little effort or cool your mind after a stressful day, the slots are worth it.

However, you need to play it safe while at the casino. Here are our tips to make slots worth it.

Try Out Free Slots

Many slots are available in a bonus or free mode. This mode allows you to play with credits and enjoy all the features of the slot, although you do not withdraw the wins from the slot. You may consider trying free slots when you have reached your maximum bankroll amount or want to play for fun.

Plan Your Bankroll and Time

Determine the amount you are going to spend for a specific period, such as a week, and stick to that amount. This prevents financial hemorrhage. Even if you’re making money on the platform, stick to your budget. In addition, take breaks from playing after a few runs. If gaming has become very addictive, use the website tools to temporarily lock you out of the account until you freshen up.

Take Advantage of Bonuses

There are usually several bonus features across casinos that you should consider using. They include free spins, cash bonuses, free rounds, tournaments, and cashback offers. These increase your expected payout.

You can access them by visiting the promotions section and picking ones whose terms you can meet comfortably. Many casinos will allow you to take home the winnings.

Slots are worthwhile only if you play within the safe limits. Consider these tips the next time you visit an online casino.




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