are matt and colleen bolton still married

Are Matt and Colleen from Season 3 of “Love Is Blind” Still Together?

Actress Colleen Reed is addressing the accusations circulating online about the health of her marriage to Love Is Blind co-star Matt Bolton.

Fans of the Netflix series remarked that the 26-year-old dancer appeared noticeably uncomfortable when sitting next to her husband at the reunion special, despite the fact that the pair had just said “I do” after a tumultuous romance shown in season 3.

After Matt had many outbursts throughout the performance, there were requests online for a welfare check on Colleen, with many insinuating that she and Matt had a troubling marriage. On Wednesday, Colleen posted a photo to Instagram showing her hugging her hubby backstage during the reunion taping.

“I appreciate this man for being there for me when I wasn’t performing at my best. To the man who has lived up to his promise of being “my boulder” in our wedding vows: “she started out, explaining her actions in the series finale.

“Due to the criticism I had received, I was not in a good place during the reunion. I’m not going to lie and claim I didn’t allow the internet to get me down and steal my joy.”

An Intimate Love Is a Blind Ceremony, Unites Colleen and Matt

Fans of Love Is Blind will recall that the third season’s wedding between Colleen and Matt included relatively few guests.

Colleen and Matt’s primary motivation for organizing a second wedding is to give their friends and family the chance to share in their joy over their blossoming romance despite the COVID-19 restrictions imposed by Love Is Blind and the limited length of the program.

A lot of our relatives and friends weren’t able to make it there,” Colleen told Us Weekly. “Yeah, there was quite a bit happening. Thus, it is our sincere desire to do so. I have no idea how huge that is,” Matt said.

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Does ‘Love Is Blind’ leave Matt and Colleen still together?

Does 'Love Is Blind' leave Matt and Colleen still together?

Should we expect Matt and Colleen to end up as another Love Is Blind couple who just can’t seem to make it? Alexa and Brennon are the only other married pair, and they have a lot of support from fans and appear committed to making their marriage work.

However, there is some skepticism among the fanbase regarding Matt and Colleen. Colleen’s apparent discomfort and dissatisfaction with him during the Love Is Blind reunion has been widely discussed on social media, with tweets and TikTok videos circulating online.

Fans aren’t sure if they want Matt and Colleen to make it because of Matt’s rage and confrontational demeanor during the season when he learns of Cole informing Colleen about his interest in her. However, it would appear that they are still a couple despite this.

Matt and Colleen didn’t start sharing images of themselves on Instagram until after the season finale had been released on Netflix. Furthermore, Colleen responded to one of Matt’s recent postings beneath which he wrote, “See you at the altar, gorgeous girl,” with, “On my way!”

Colleen has also given us a glimpse into their relationship status. Colleen captioned a photo from the concert on Instagram as follows: “We discussed bringing each other into our “real world” for hours, and when the time came, we were both struck by how much we value and adore one another.

Ours is a love story that I’ll never get tired of hearing.”

A lot of people who like ‘Love Is Blind’ are wary of Matt.

There are certain to be highs and lows in any relationship. And because Love Is Blind encourages hasty nuptials, the ensuing growing pains are amplified a hundredfold. Matt and Colleen did not have a smooth journey to the altar. Matt’s concerns arose from an earlier relationship and manifested themselves in his current one with Colleen.

That doesn’t make their worries any less valid, but it did make the months leading up to the wedding stressful. Fans are doubtful that Matt and Colleen are good for one other because of their frequent disputes and intense discussions. However, at this time, the pair seems to differ.

The newest season of Love Is Blind is now available to watch online.

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