are isha and michael still together

“Austin’s Twentysomething Romance”: The Journey of Michael and Isha’s Relationship in The Lone Star Capital

Fans were surprised by Twentysomethings: Austin on Netflix. This reality TV show put eight people in their twenties together in the hopes that they would find love, start a new life, or at least hook up. The show was refreshingly free of drama, and it followed the lives of these young adults as they got used to their new living situations and made new friends and relationships.

The four women live in one house, and the four men live right next door. This is how fashion designer Isha Punja, 24, and comedian Michael Fractor, 23, got to know each other. The season ended in a way that left fans wondering if this couple stayed together, and fans want to know how things are with them now.

Twentysomethings Austin: Are Michael and Isha Still Together?

Since their time on the show ended with them as a couple, no official statement has been made about how their relationship is going now. Michael and Isha still follow each other on Instagram, and everything they’ve said to each other there has been nice. Even though there are signs that their relationship is still strong, neither one of them has said so.

are isha and michael still together

Michael did give his sister the Hut Mentality jacket he bought in Austin, and on December 20, he posted a selfie of himself and Isha together on Instagram Stories. He wrote “My Queen” under the cute photo. Isha’s main Instagram account has a lot of photos from photo shoots she and Michael did together.

In the season finale, Austin stars had to leave their Airbnbs, even though many of them had already decided to stay in the cool capital of Texas. All of the stars had to make decisions about their careers because of the move, and Michael went back to California to figure out his. Isha, on the other hand, thought her clothing business, Hut Mentality, had a bright future, so she was determined to stay in Austin and see it through.

After saying goodbye to Isha and getting ready to drive back to California, Michael thought again about moving. At the end of Season 1, Michael went back to the Airbnb and told Isha that he would stay in Austin as long as she wanted. Michael said on the show, “I’ve learned that a job is a job.” “There are a lot of them out there, but Isha is the only one.”

are isha and michael still together

Everyone finds dating hard, and this couple already has a lot going on. The show just finished filming, and episodes have only just started airing. Since they are still getting to know each other, they are keeping their relationship quiet. Isha and Michael are both happy that they can talk to and spend time with each other. I’m going to assume that they’re still together and happy since they haven’t said anything to the contrary.

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Austin Journey: Michael and Isha’s Twentysomethings

Aaron Fractor and Michael Isha Punja didn’t get along right away because they both wanted to get to know each other better as housemates. The second person had planned to stay away from dating within the group because she was worried about problems, but after talking to Bruce Stephenson, she changed her mind.

Michael didn’t understand that Raquel Daniels was flirting with him until he went on a few dates with other women. But as time went on, the excitement died down, and Isha and Michael’s story began.

are isha and michael still together

After getting the all-clear, Isha told Raquel that she liked Michael because he was “the cousin of her type.” After that, they went out for tacos and had a funny but brave conversation. They decided to go on their first date.

After that, Michael went to Isha’s mini-golf course, where he made her laugh until she couldn’t breathe and gave her chills by dancing in a funny way. They were almost certain to end up together because she didn’t care that he was a virgin, he kept his promise to bring her breakfast in bed, and he passed her mother’s “vibe check” test.

Michael and Isha: Where Are They Now?

Michael and Isha met for the first time on the TV show “Twenty-Somethings.” At first, they didn’t have any romantic feelings for each other because they were both there for different reasons. Isha also suggested that they date people outside of their group.

are isha and michael still together

Before they started dating each other, they were both with other people. Michael said yes when Isha asked him out for tacos and a date. Michael took her on romantic dates and trips, and they found that they had a strong bond. Isha likes that her relationship moves quickly because it gives her time to work on her fashion business.

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Final Thoughts

Michael and Isha’s love story began on the TV show “Twenty-Somethings” and has continued to grow even after the show ended. Even though they haven’t told everyone about their relationship, it’s clear that they really care about each other. Since they still follow each other on social media, it seems likely that they are still together and that their relationship may be going well. As viewers, all we can do is hope that their love keeps growing, and we’re excited to see what Michael and Isha’s future holds.

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