Andrea Bocelli Net Worth

Andrea Bocelli Net Worth: How Much Has This Person Made This Year?

One of the most well-known and successful classical musicians of all time, Italian opera tenor and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Bocelli began his career in 1982.

The fact that he is blind has sparked considerable interest in his work, even if his incredible voice is what has made him famous.

The singer’s success has made him a wealthy man; his current wealth is estimated to be over $100 million. Read on to learn the secrets to Andrea Bocelli’s financial and professional success.

The Beginnings

Andrea Bocelli Net Worth

On September 22, 1958, in Lajatico, Italy, Andrea Bocelli entered the world. Testing revealed a high probability that he would be born unable to care for himself, therefore physicians advised his mother to abort him.

However, Bocelli’s mother disregarded the warnings and he was born with congenital glaucoma, which severely compromised his vision.

Music was one of the few things that made Andrea Bocelli happy by the time he was six, and he showed an early interest in it.

Bocelli started out his musical education with the piano, but he quickly expanded his horizons to include other instruments including the flute, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, guitar, and drums.

He learned to play several instruments well, but singing was the most satisfying form of musical expression for him. Bocelli was inspired as a child by the music of great tenors and hoped one day to follow in their footsteps.

Before the age of 12, Bocelli still had some vision, but an injury during a game of soccer left him entirely blind. He was the goalkeeper for his team and had a severe injury when the ball hit him in the eye. Bocelli’s love for singing grew even stronger.

After finishing high school, he continued his education at the University of Pisa, where he earned a law degree. Bocelli began his career as a singer while still a student, playing piano in nightclubs.

There, he met Enrica Cenzatti, the woman who would later become his wife. After a few years of study, he passed the bar and spent a year working as a public defender.

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In 1992, Andrea Bocelli broke out internationally thanks to his work on the song “Misere” with rock singer Zucchero and legendary tenor Luciano Pavarotti. It was always planned for Bocelli to merely sing on the demo track that would later be delivered to Pavarotti for review.

However, after seeing Bocelli perform, Pavarotti requested that the spotlight be turned on this newcomer. After some negotiation, Pavarotti, and Bocelli agreed to perform a duet. After its initial publication, “Misere” quickly gained widespread acclaim.

Bocelli subsequently went on tour with Zucchero, performing duets and solos with Zucchero. Eventually, a major label noticed him and signed him. Between 1993 and 1994, Bocelli competed in and won a number of music and song contests across Italy.

In 1994, his debut record quickly went platinum. Later the same year, he made his opera debut in Verdi’s production of Shakespeare’s famous Scottish tragedy, “Macduff,” in which he portrayed the title character.

Bocelli worked with numerous other artists and released several more albums between 1994 and 1997. Success on a global scale was achieved by many of these songs, most notably “Time to Say Goodbye,” which was certified six times platinum for its worldwide sales.

Also in 1997, he was first shown to American audiences thanks to a PBS broadcast of one of his concerts in Germany. Performing a pivotal role in La Boheme in 1998 was a crucial turning point in Bocelli’s opera career.

The first time Andrea Bocelli performed in the United States was shortly after the release of his fifth studio album. Following his performance in the nation’s capital, President Bill Clinton met with him in person.

That kicked off his first tour of North and South America, during which he made stops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and a number of other big metropolises. It was about this time that he recorded his first duet with Celine Dion on the song “The Prayer.”

Throughout his tour, he also made appearances in operas at the Detroit Opera House and a slew of other locations (including Hollywood) around the world. His sixth record, which was inspired by faith, did remarkably well on the US Classic Billboard list.

Money Made by Andrea Bocelli

It is reported that Andrea Bocelli is worth $100 million. The music of Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who has achieved global fame, blends classical and pop styles. Album sales, live performances, and streaming services account up the bulk of his income.

Andrea Bocelli dabbled in music from an early age, picking up the piano, flute, and saxophone. Bocelli was born with a visual impairment and lost his sight when he was 12 years old from a soccer injury.

He got his big break when a demo tape of his performed for Luciano Pavarotti. As early as 1995, his album Bocelli was a success in Europe, and by 1999, his album Sogno had broken through on a global scale. He remains one of the most well-known musicians alive today.

Andrea Bocelli’s net worth can be determined by deducting his debts from his total assets. His total assets comprise his investments, savings, cash deposits, and whatever equity he may have in a vehicle, home, or other similar items. Total liabilities comprise all outstanding debts such as credit card balances and mortgages.

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Personal Life of Andrea Bocelli:

Andrea Bocelli Net Worth

He met Enrica Cenzatti early in his career when he was still singing at piano bars. That couple tied the knot on June 27th, 1992. Their first child, a son they called Amos, was born on February 22, 1995, after they had been married for a short time.

Two years later, on October 8, 1997, the couple welcomed another boy, Matteo. Sadly, that relationship did not work out, and the couple divorced in 2002. Bocelli’s second wife is also his manager; they met in 2002.

On March 21, 2012, the couple became parents for the first time to a daughter whom they named Virginia. Bocelli currently resides at Forte Dei Marmi on the Mediterranean with his second wife and children.

Veronica Berti became Bocelli’s third wife on March 21, 2014, and the ceremony took place at the Montenero Monastery in Livorno, a city on Italy’s western coast. Former residents of his home in Versilia included his first wife Enrica and their sons.

He lost his father, Alessandro Bocelli, on April 30, 2000. Bocelli’s mother and younger brother still reside in the same house they’ve always called home.

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