All about the guest sharks of Shark Tanks Season 13!

All about the guest sharks of Shark Tanks Season 13!

ABC announced in August that four new guest sharks are going to be participating in Shark Tank’s 13th season, which premiered on October 8. Actors and comedians Kevin Hart, Emma Grede, Nirab Tria, and Peter Jones will board tanks this season to assist aspiring entrepreneurs to run their businesses. Call to seek out out more about the new guest sharks before twiddling with the longtime sharks Barbara Corcoran, Mark Cuban, Robert Harjabeck, Damond John, Lori Greener, and Kevin O’Leary.

Kevin Hart

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart founded the risk capital firm Heartbeat Ventures, best known for TV and movie credits, including Jumanji: subsequent Generation, Pet, and Patanity’s Secret Life. As an individual, he has experience within the business world. He has invested in several media, lifestyle, and technology companies. In March 2021, he invested in Nutrabolt a nutrition-based company, and later became its brand ambassador.  

He wants his company to encourage more blacks to achieve the industry. “When you talk about us as black, we aren’t taught the planet of business and money,” he said in an interview with CNBC. “It was something that was found. It isn’t in our public establishment . It’s not in our neighborhood. We do not have financial education.”

Emma Grede

Emma Grede has worked with Kardashian on many business ventures. She is the CEO and co-founder of Khloé Kardashian’s full-size clothing brand Good American and co-founded the shapewear brand SKIMS with Kim Kardashian. Grede is additionally a member and ambassador of the feminist nonprofit Women for ladies International. 

In an interview with Elle, she talked about the challenges of celebrity brands, “Not all celebrities can sell things,” she continued. “If you’ve got a brand with a group of beliefs and goals, you cannot simply associate that message with someone who can’t really support it. And that i don’t mean anyone who can convey that message. Anyone can learn the lines, so it’s really about your story and the way people perceive you.”

Nirav Tolia

Nirav Tolia is a co-owner and founder of Nextdoor, the social media app. With this app, users can connect with their neighbors, share local details, buy and sell products, and build a robust community. Tolia previously worked for Yahoo Inc., Benchmark, and, but was introduced in 2011 and when he resigned in 2018, was CEO of Nextdoor. 

The app is currently available in 11 countries and has 275,000 users worldwide. In an interview with Vox, a graduate of Stanford University explained how Nextdoor differs from other social media platforms, nearby is about usefulness. It’s about working together with your neighbors to form your neighborhood better for everybody.

Peter Jones

As the final original panelist of Shark Tank’s predecessor series, Dragon’s Den, British entrepreneur Peter Jones travels across the pond to assist American businessmen in growing the pond. Jones owns a spread of companies, from publishers to toys and telecommunications, and founded the Peter Jones Foundation in 2005. In 2013, he promised to support British SMEs by opening 36 new Jessops photo stores across the united kingdom. 

When asked what he liked most about his role as a dragon, he told the BBC, “It’s the chance to take a position in small to medium-sized businesses giving somebody that ultimate break and at an equivalent nonce ready to help grow that business into something really exciting.”

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