Alice In Borderland Season 2 Release Date Revealed At Netflix

Alice in Borderland Season 2

A season 2 will be released next year for Alice in Borderland. Netflix has confirmed this. And this is also due to the success of Squid Game.

At the moment, series based on Asian anime are working well. So, thanks to the success of Squid Game, Netflix decided to leave season 2 to Alice in Borderland. And this is excellent news. We will tell you more.


Last December, Netflix unveiled Alice in Borderland. An excellent series of manga. We followed a small group of individuals. One day, they wake up, and Tokyo is deserted. Is there is nobody in the streets and I do not understand why.

To survive, they have no choice but to participate in deadly games. If they don’t play, they die. This style of manga is called a “battle royal.” And it is in this style that Squid Game is also inspired. The two series can be alike.

The goal will, of course, be to break through this new, somewhat Machiavellian world. And at the same time to survive to the fullest. And since the release of Squid Game on September 17, this series has experienced a genuine revival. We are immediately interested in this style.

So Netflix understands that battle royale is all the rage right now. It is for this reason also that Alice in Borderland will indeed have a season 2. And in this last, there will be even more deadly games. You would think Season 1 was too simple.

So there will be more difficulties for the heroes of this Netflix series. At the end of season 1, Arisu and his friends collected all the cards with numbers. But in season 2, the system will therefore be more complex but also more unhealthy.


Indeed, in season 2 of this Netflix series, Arisu and his friends will face more vital cards during the trials. This time, they will no longer have numbers but many faces. As usual, the more time passes, the harder it is. The more successful the tests, the more complicated the next one. Alice in Borderland season 1 was faithful to the manga. So, season 2 is expected to fit in with the original plot as well. In the book, a romance is formed.

And that between Arisu and Usagi. So, we expect a new couple in the next episodes of this Netflix series. And the boy would do anything to save her during an ordeal. But we don’t want to tell you more. It would kill the suspense.

During this season, we should also come back to the creation of this world. And it is Mira who represents the lady of the heart who will explain it to Arisu. But, the latter will not necessarily give the same version at each meeting.

Especially since the young man will have to face him during three locust trials, and this scene is likely to be very heavy. Because since it represents the heart, it will not be just a normal locust part. We don’t tell you more. In short, this Netflix series still has some pleasant surprises in store. So, you’ll be happy to hear that Season 2 is coming out in 2022.


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