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After the 2022 Matrix Awards, Gwen Stefani’s Fans Believe She Is Pregnant

She and her husband Blake Shelton were in attendance at this year’s New York Women in Communications annual awards ceremony on October 26.

Some Gwen fans are convinced that she is expecting a child after seeing a photo of her and her country star husband kissing while she was wearing a form-fitting pink dress.

Here, we’ll examine why supporters have such a view.

Fans’ Reasons for Believing Gwen Stefani Is Expecting

Blake Shelton posted a photo of Gwen and himself in front of the award show’s step and repeat it with the caption, “My favorite person” earlier today (October 28). I just wanted to tell you, “@gwenstefani,” that I am so happy for you.

 Some of Gwen’s followers interpreted the tweet as evidence that Gwen was pregnant. Furthermore, while Blake’s tweet was most likely referring to the fact that Gwen was being honored at the 2022 Matrix Awards for the launch of her make-up line GXVE (pronounced give), some fans have taken it to mean something else.

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Is there a baby on Gwen Stefani’s way?

In May 2020, gossip began spreading that Gwen was expecting. Star magazine announced at the time that the couple was expecting twins. After nearly a year has passed, it was clear that the rumor was false.

If they decide to start a family, it’s likely that they’ll make the news public. They don’t let their fans in on every aspect of their personal lives, but they do let them in on the important news.

 This includes the fact that they got engaged and announced it to their followers in October 2020. After mentioning Gwen by name and joking that she was “delivering twins right now,” Blake (perhaps unintentionally) stoked the rumors during an episode of Season 20 of The Voice.

While I am busy here, she is releasing them, he replied. Of course, the comment was meant in jest (possibly in reference to the false report about IVF), but it nevertheless made some people question if there was any truth to it.

For the time being, however, we must conclude that this is not the case. We all know Blake was joking.

The singer/actress/songwriter Gwen Stefani is a mother to three young ones.

The singer/actress/songwriter Gwen Stefani is a mother to three young ones.

Gwen is a mother three times over despite the fact that she does not yet have any children with Blake. She was married to Gavin Rossdale from 1995 until they announced their divorce in 2015, citing “irreconcilable disagreements.”

The couple had three sons together. Since then, Gwen’s relationship with Blake has been the most high-profile one in the public eye. When they became together, Blake had recently gotten a divorce as well.

It seems that Blake has become close with Gwen’s sons despite the fact that he is not their father. A source told People that before proposing, Blake even sought their consent by talking to her sons.

According to our source, Blake informed her brothers that he planned to propose and sought their blessing. “He has her family’s full blessing. And he’s a terrific surrogate father to the lads, on top of being a fantastic partner.

The emotion on Gwen’s face is pure joy. It came as a shock to hear the proposition.” Although Blake and Miranda Lambert did not have any children together, he has often spoken highly of Gwen’s children in interviews.

There are times when you wonder, “Oh my God, when does school start?” he told People. “The thought “God, I can’t wait ’til they get home” comes to me an hour later. They are hilarious. It’s my first time here, but I can already tell that I’m going to love working with these kids. They’re one of a kind for sure.”

A number of photos of Blake with Gwen’s children have been shared on social media. In light of their upcoming marriage, Gwen’s children will likely spend even more time with Blake than they do now. The question of whether or not the couple hopes to start a family at this time remains unanswered.

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