90 Day Fiancé: Isabel Hopes Gabe Will Embrace 'Role of Father' for Kids

Isabel from ’90 Days’ Hopes that Her New Husband Gabe Would “Take on The Role of Father” to Their Children.

Isabel and Gabe are reunited on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Sunday night’s episode featured a touching airport reunion involving Isabel’s two children.

The couple elaborated on Gabe’s relationship with Miguel and Sara, Isabel’s children, demonstrating that they have already begun to form a family.

On the way to the airport, Isabel’s son was overjoyed to learn that Gabe was moving in permanently. Miguel said in Spanish, “After so much time, he is finally arriving.”

90 Day Fiancé: Isabel Hopes Gabe Will Embrace 'Role of Father' for Kids

Isabel elaborated on their relationship with cameras. The mother stated, “The relationship between Gabe and Miguel is remarkable.” “Their connection is similar to that of two friends.”

Gabe is also close with Isabel’s adolescent daughter. Isabel added, “The relationship with Sara is also excellent.” “However, it is more mature because she is somewhat older. They share information, and Sara asks him when she has doubts about certain decisions. They provide each other with substantial support.”

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90 Day Fiancé: Isabel Hopes Gabe Will Embrace 'Role of Father' for Kids

Gabe found out later in the episode that Sara already knows that he is transgender. Gabe was surprised to hear this because he has never felt like their relationship was different because she knew about his change. He told Isabel that he was happy that her daughter accepted him no matter what.

Gabe moved to Colombia for good, and Isabel said that she hoped this was the last piece of her forever family.

Isabel said, “I brought him into the lives of my children, and I hope he will take on the role of a father.” She talked about her ex-boyfriends and how they hurt her kids. “The experiences for my kids were not very good,” she said.

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90 Day Fiancé: Isabel Hopes Gabe Will Embrace 'Role of Father' for Kids

The family started out well. When Gabe got to the airport in Colombia, they all gave him a big hug and then went home to start their new life together.

Isabel and Gabe are not yet engaged. They can’t do what they want to do because Isabel’s family is in the way. Gabe’s family and friends have accepted him, but he hasn’t told them he is transgender yet. Gabe wants to do this before he asks Isabel to marry him because he wants her family to fully accept him before he becomes part of the family.

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