Why didn’t eros get more screen time in Eternals?

Why didn’t eros get more screen time in Eternals?

To maintain the momentum of July’s “Black Widow” and September’s “Shang-Chi and Tenling Legend”, Chloe Zhao’s “Eternals” came to the cinema on November 5, 2021. For centuries. Needless to say, there is a huge cast of franchise beginners who had to terribly explore their position in the vast continuity-an effort to devour most of the execution time.

Not all Eternals were completely individual, but the audience still felt who they were personally. Sersi (Gemma Chan), Ikaris (Richard Madden), and Thena (Angelina Jolie) definitely spend most of their time developing, but they and their teammates can enjoy more MCUs. this is often very true of Harry Styles’ Eros, who briefly appeared with Pip the Troll (Patton Oswalt) within the first post-credits scene of “Eternals” and introduced himself as Starfox. 

When Marvel Studios considered Harry Styles, the feeling of the music, because the noisy brother of Thanos (Josh Brolin), it’s no wonder that Eros’ debut wasn’t an isolated event. Thereupon in mind, why didn’t he become more prominent in “Eternals” from the beginning?

It was to avoid complicating Sersi and Ikaris’ love story

According to the writing duo Ryan and Kaz Firpo behind “Eternals,” they intended Eros to play a task from the start of the film. In fact, Ryan told the board of directors of about 40 Eternals directly, “Eros was definitely the cardboard that appeared within the main film.” But as we all know today, they need never go therein direction with the characters. 

Why? As they further explain, his presence would have complicated the already tense romance of Ikaris and Sersi. “We really wanted to specialise in the romance of Sersi and Ikaris,” Ryan Firpo revealed, claiming that the presence of Ikaris made it difficult for them to include Eros without “stepping on their toes.”

But thankfully, they found how to stuff the latter into the movie in some way-a decision they made with the broader MCU in mind. Ryan describes Eros as “the best coder character to introduce” when he built an edge for a family reference to Thanos, which is taken into account as the franchise’s biggest villain. it had been nice to ascertain more Eros in “Eternals”, but this definitely does not mean we are seeing the last of Harry Styles as Eros. Be on the lookout for this singer in future Marvel movies. 

How well did fans receive Eternals? 

According to studio estimates, one of Marvel’s most ambitious efforts to expand the world of superheroes, “Eternals,” hit the theater with ticket sales of about $ 71 million over the weekend. 

The opening was enviable for most studio box office revenues. The three films that debuted during the pandemic were “Shang-Chi and the Legend of Tenling” ($ 75.3 million), “Black Widow” ($ 80.3 million),  and “Venom: Let There Be Carnage” ($ 90 million).  But for Marvel’s well-oiled blockbuster, the launch of “Eternals” was, in a sense, an unprecedented 26-movie series hurdle. 

At the beginning of the weekend, the forecast was only slightly higher at around $ 75 million domestically. Even more worrisome to Walt Disney Co. was the complex reaction of the audience to Chloe Zhao’s 157-minute film about the immortal race of superheroes. The film was the first in Marvel’s “Movie World” to be rated “lazy” by Rotten Tomatoes’ overall review score, with only 47% of reviews being considered positive. The audience also gave a lower grade (“B” CinemaScore) than any previous MCU entry.


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