Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating

Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating 2023? Everything We Need to Know!

Nikki Glaser is well-known for her many talents, including those of a stand-up comedian, podcast host, actor, TV and talk show host, television producer, and radio broadcaster. The gifted performer began her comedic career at age 18 and has since participated in a wide range of endeavors.

Nikki Glaser has received enormous success and adoration from fans around the country thanks to her stand-up tours, comedy specials, and most recently, her role as host for the dating show ‘FBoy Island.

Nikki Glaser, a well-known stand-up comedian, actress, radio broadcaster, and podcaster, is discreet about her personal life. Nikki, unlike many of her other actors, prefers to keep her private life out of the spotlight. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t piece together some information about the men Nikki Glaser has dated in the past.


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Nikki Glaser’s career has been on the rise, and that’s before we even get into the mystery that is her private life. In 2016, she became known to the public as the host of the show Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. With her starring role in the 2022 reality show Welcome Home, Nikki Glaser has once again become a media darling.

Nikki Glaser’s Boyfriend

Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating

It’s no secret that Nikki likes to brag about the number of guys he knows, and he’s not shy about letting them know it. Chris Convy, a producer and writer from Hollywood who is originally from St. Louis, Missouri, first met Nikki in New York while working on her show “Nikki & Sara Live” in 2013.

Chris was so charming and attractive that Nikki couldn’t help but fall for him at first sight. In the general time frame, they began dating. They reconciled in 2018, but their relationship since 2016 has been rocky at best.

An On-And-Off Relationship with Chris Convy

No matter how skilled or well-known an actor may be, fans will always be more interested in learning about his or her private life, especially if it involves a romantic interest. Because let’s be honest, that’s the aspect of being human that most people find the most thrilling.

Nikki Glaser has an excessive familiarity with that fact. This is why she has been so cagey about her romantic life. However, Nikki Glaser’s name has been connected to a few other people, and nobody succeeds in the entertainment business without at least a passing acquaintance with a well-known colleague.

Chris and Nikki’s relationship became public knowledge in 2013, following their collaboration on the film Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. Chris and Nikki started filming three years before the show’s February 2016 release.

Who Is Nikki Glaser Dating

Nikki’s confirmation to The Washington Post that she was dating Chris came shortly after the rumor began circulating. We didn’t find out that they had split up until 2016, around the time when her TV show, Not Safe, was canceled. Nikki went on an interview with the Buffalo News in 2016 and addressed the breakup.

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Nikki answered how she felt about the cancellation of Not Safe by saying, “I just went through a breakup, so I have a lot of new material about that because it just happened.” “I try to be different,” she concluded. I’ve never been sure if I want to settle down, have kids, or even be a woman, and that uncertainty is reflected in my act. However, males are welcome to attend as well.


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Despite this, Nikki felt some affection for Chris. The fact that they got back together in 2019 after being separated for three years is proof of this. Chris and Nikki rekindled their romance while filming Welcome Home, Nikki Glaser.

In 2021, Nikki and Chris’s relationship officially ended. Nikki didn’t give us all the details of why she and Chris broke up, but she did say that she “would leave St. Louis and move back to LA if Chris was unable to provide her with the stability she required.”

We have no idea what she means by “stability” here because since Nikki and Chris broke up, she hasn’t dated anyone. It’s safe to say that Nikki isn’t fooled by the inconsistency of the inference. It wasn’t intended to last forever, though.

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Did Bobby Bones Use to Be Nikki’s Boyfriend?

There were rumors about who Nikki was seeing before she moved back in with ex-boyfriend Chris Convy. Nikki Glaser dated popular radio host Bobby Bones in September 2018. Bones hosts the nationally syndicated The Bobby Bones Show. Nikki’s rumored to be the brains behind the operation, and his chemistry with the rest of the cast is off the charts.

There seems to be nothing serious between Bobby and Nikki based on their conversations about each other. Even though they loved one another deeply, they hadn’t originally intended to share a home.

Mary Lou Retton, Bobby Bones, Nikki Glaser and others join 'Dancing With the Stars'


We went on a tentative date, but it didn’t work out because Nikki was only on the show for two weeks before she quit. How far can we go on the basis of statistics alone? In an interview with ET, Bobby made the following statement.

But she is still one of my closest friends, and I don’t even have anything nasty to say about her,” he went on to remark. I love her, but I wish I had more attention because of it. Nikki is great, and she was allowed to say everything she wanted.

Aside from that, Nikki and Bobby rarely appear to be comfortable in public together. Clearly, Nikki and Bobby never developed into a serious relationship.

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