who is austin north dating

“Love in The High Seas” Austin North’s Love Life: Who Holds the Key to His Heart?

American actor Austin North is from the U.S. He played Logan Watson on the Disney Channel comedy show “I Didn’t Do It” from 2014 to 2015 and Topper Thornton on the Netflix show “Outer Banks” (2020–present).

Who is Austin North dating? There may be rumors or speculation that actors Madelyn Cline and Austin North are seeing each other. The section will probably look at any proof or lack of proof that these rumors are true and talk about whether or not the two people are actually dating. Are Madelyn Cline and Austin North dating? is a question that a lot of people are asking right now. This article will tell us if Madelyn Cline is dating Austin North and who she is dating now.

Austin North: Who Is He Dating?

Austin North is currently single. From what I’ve seen on his social media, Austin North is currently single. There are no posts with a partner, and he hasn’t said anything about being in a relationship in public.

This could mean that he doesn’t want to talk about his personal life or that he’s focusing on his career right now. There are rumors that Austin North is dating Madelyn Cline, but that’s not true. They just work together and are friends.

who is austin north dating

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Any chemistry they show on-screen in season 3 of Outer Banks is just a sign of how well they can act. Back in 2021, Cline and Chase Stokes, who was also on the show, were dating. At the time, Stokes made their personal relationship official on Instagram by posting a picture of them having a picnic on the beach with the caption “cats outta the bag.”

After dating for about a year, the two people broke up. But as of February 2023, it looks like Cline has a new boyfriend. It is said that she is dating Jackson Guthy, a 26-year-old musician. Even though they’ve been seen together, the OBX star has kept her personal life private and off of social media.

Austin North: Dating History

Austin North dated Sadie Robertson in 2018 and Piper Curda in 2014. Austin North and his girlfriend of four months, Sadie Robertson, broke up in 2018.

According to the “Duck Dynasty” star, she and her ex are still on excellent terms and are better off as friends.

“We broke up. He is an incredible individual, and I wish him the best. We’re pals. It simply did not work out,” Robertson, age 21, told the publication. The other day, he contacted me to let me know he was thinking about me, which I find amazing. That should be the case.”

who is austin north dating

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Robertson stated that she is looking forward to being single and, despite the fact that she is not currently interested in dating, she described her ideal partner.

“I’m searching for someone who feels the same way I do, for whom faith is the most essential aspect of life, and who can be passionate about the things we get to do, which is a vital characteristic.”

Final Thoughts

Based on his social media profiles, it looks like Austin North is now unattached. There are no indicators that he is in a romantic relationship, as his social media pages contain no postings or references to a spouse. It is important to note, however, that celebrities frequently keep their personal life private, thus it is possible that Austin North is in a relationship but chooses not to discuss it publicly. The exact status of his connection is ultimately unclear as his own affair.

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