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Titans Season 4: Actor Reveals Plot Details And Release Date!

“Titans” gets a 4th season from US streaming service HBO Max. Now lead actor Brenton Thwaites commented in an interview on the plot of the new episodes of the DC series.

“Titans”: Release Date Of The 4th Season

Nothing is known about the start of the fourth season. As soon as there is more information about the release date of the upcoming episodes of “Teen Titans.” So far, one season has been released each year. If this rhythm is maintained, viewers can look forward to the appearance in 2022.

“Titans”: What Might Happen After Season 3?

Judging by the final episode of season 3, Catwoman is said to have an appearance. So maybe her character will be deepened in season 4.

In an interview with the US magazine Entertainment Weekly, lead actor Brenton Thwaites commented on the possible plot of the fourth season.

He said: “I would like to see a story develop between Superboy and the Titans. […] We have seen many times that he is good and a team player and really adheres to Dick’s morals and values. But we everyone knows he has a hidden dark side that would be really interesting to explore. “

“We could go intergalactically to Tamran and explore this relationship a little more. You could come to Earth and we could have this big alien blast. Dick could explore his relationship with Bruce Wayne [Iain Glen] a little. Maybe they could starting to develop a personal relationship a little detached from the business side of the father-son thing, which Dick always felt a measure of hostility towards him.”

Thwaites would also find it interesting to watch Tim Drake gain confidence and learn how to become a superhero.

“Titans”: Cast

It is to be assumed that the main actors will continue to be seen in season 4. These are embodied by Brenton Thwaites, Anna Diop, Teegan Croft, and Ryan Potter.

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