The Silent Sea is here with Trailer and First Look!

The Silent Sea is here with Trailer and First Look!

The Silent Sea features a trailer alongside its first look! Goods are available in time for Christmas. Netflix has provided us with a replacement teaser for sci-fi thrillers. It then falls into the “Mystery” category. The mysterious thriller, The Silent Sea, is going to be set within the future world in 2075 when the world is affected by resource depletion. Korean dramas are that sort of unique, and therefore the team is prepared to start a special mission to challenge and continue their journey into abandoned research.

The Silent Sea Official Trailer

Korean dramas are fun. From time to time, the release of either show warms us up. The research team includes astrobiologist Song Jiang (Bae Doona), team doctor Hong Ga-young (Kim Sung-young), chief engineer Ryu Tae-suk (Lee Jun), and spacecraft pilot Kim Sung (Lee Sung Wook), security chief Gong Yoo-k (Lee Musen), and team leader Han Yun Jae (Gong Yoo). The team is filled with “explorers” assigned to undertake an extended mission on the moon to mark their territory.

The new trailer gives you a touching glimpse of everything I’ve just described. Explorers encounter fleeting situations and it’s up to them how they emerge from them. Team members are onboard a spacecraft and wish to land on the moon for subsequent emergencies. the rationale for the landing was technical in nature. 

However, thanks to such laziness, the mission was compromised. Not only that. There are more. The ship is currently hanging on a cliff, and team members have a minimal chance of escaping it. They hold it firmly in order that they will reach the surface well. From The Silent Sea, inspect the trailers below which will answer other questions.

The director will be Choi Hang-Yong. The Silent Sea will come out on 24th December right your favorite streaming platform, Netflix.

First Look!

The Silent Sea is one among the foremost anticipated drama series, and Korea Netflix has finally seen the series for the primary time. See it below. “The Silent Sea” comes from the story of the Korean title of an equivalent name. There are 8 episodes in total within the series. If you check out the series, you’ll know everything about the struggle the world is affected by within the series. How are you looking forward to the Silent Sea?

What will it be about?

“Abandoned lunar base. Mission with 10% survival. Crew members are dying one by one,” reads the official summary of the Korean show. This explains why teasers are even as nice and threatening. Within the teaser trailer, you’ll see a gaggle of astronauts landing on the moon. Current task? Explore the abandoned Balhae Institute and secure a sample that residents want to carry the key to the survival of the dying Earth. 

“It’s an equivalent as the other mission. You’ve got to try to do exactly what you’re told,” says Gong Yoo within the clip, before the things prominently go haywire. One more notable and tense moment was before astrobiologist Song Jian (played by Sense8 star Bae Doona) walked towards the door in a suit and boots and watched through a little window. She whispers as she sees her eyes spread in horror, “What in the world happened here?”


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