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The Girl Who Can See Them Season 2: When Will It Release? What Is Known?

The anime is based on the manga of the same name by Izumi Tomoki. The author published his story in 2019, immediately interested in lovers of creepy stories. The graphic novel has become one of the most popular among horror connoisseurs. However, the creators position the film adaptation of the manga as a comedy with elements of humor. 

The Girl Who Can See Them: When Will Season 2 Release?

The mystical and gloomy story from director Yuki Ogawa fell in love with connoisseurs of horror films. The ghost story appeared on screens in October 2021, so it has not yet attracted the attention of many fans of the genre. Many viewers have compared Japanese anime with Shyamalan’s famous film The Sixth Sense, in which the protagonist sees spirits.

Fans of chilling stories are eagerly awaiting the continuation of the picture. According to preliminary data, the release date of season 2 The Girl Who Sees Them (Mieruko-chan) has not been officially confirmed. But we can state that the anime might release in October 2022. However, the dedicated anime audience should wait for the official announcements of the second season from the creators. The show is produced by studio Passione.

The Girl Who Can See Them Season 2: What Is The Plot?

Mika was the most ordinary high school student. But the girlfriends of the main character have a lot of oddities. The first is fond of mysticism, the second maintains a slender figure with excessive consumption of food.

Once Mika also became unusual. The schoolgirl began to see ghosts and determine the true essence of people in her environment. The high school student decided to find out for what merits she received such an amazing ability. The authors tried to add more funny situations with the main character to the project. Thus, anime is positioned as a comedy with horror elements. The script for the show is in charge of Kenta Ihara, who contributed to Terror in Resistance and Wandering Witch.

An anime about a Japanese schoolgirl who sees spirits like the boy from Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense has an age limit of 16+. However, viewers familiar with the project call it a black comedy. The creators tried to dilute the dark theme of the work with a lot of funny situations. That is why the question of whether the show The Girl Who Sees Them Season 2 remains on the headlines.

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