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The Crown Season 5: Son Of Netflix Star Will Play Prince William

According to Tele-Loisirs, the production of The Crown would have found the son of Prince Charles. And he’s the son of a Netflix show star.

Fans of The Crown are looking forward to Season 5. Precisely, a lot of information has fallen on the subject of the Netflix show. Especially at the level of the casting. The production had finally found the actor to play William, the son of Prince Charles.


But before hoping to see a season 5, it would still be necessary for the shooting to end. Indeed, you are not without knowing that the history of this production provokes debate. Especially on the side of the royal family. And this for many reasons.

Notably, the fact that some fans think The Crown is acting like a documentary series. In other words, that history reflects everything that has happened in the royal family until today. And some elements do not improve its image. This is why it would intend to file a complaint against the streaming platform. A source close to the family initially confided to The Sun: “Friends of the royal family have sought legal advice.”

Later adding: “The advice they received would also apply to the royal family. Although this is not a direct legal opinion given to the Queen and her family, they have been made aware of this opinion”. It remains to be seen what will happen.

Still, this season of The Crown will undoubtedly be talked about. Notably because it would be “the most controversial season of all time.” It deals with events that are still incredibly vivid for many”. It is therefore for these reasons in particular that the royal family does not carry Netflix production in its heart . Perhaps the American giant will try to make its story “lighter” so as not to shock the Queen too much.


But as we let you know, before the complaint is filed and the series stopped, the shooting continues. Season 5 is still in the works, and the cast continues to form. And as we let you know, a new actor will arrive. This one will play William, the son of Prince Charles in The Crown. And this is not just anyone since it is the son of the actor playing Charles himself, who will fill this role, as Tele-Loisirs notes.

As a reminder, Dominic West plays the role of Prince for this new season. He is replacing Josh O’Connor. And so it is his son who will play the same position on the screen. Senan West has been cast for this character.

He is one of his four children whom he had with Catherine FitzGerald, to whom he has been married since 2010. “The young man is 13 years old, and this is his very first role. “Noted Tele-Loisirs about the boy. It remains to be seen if this kinship will not mar the relationship of the two daily in The Crown.

It is sometimes difficult to shoot a film or a series when your father or mother gives us the answer.

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