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Storage Wars in 2021: The show is making a comeback!

Recently, Storage Wars, the foremost popular reality show of all time, is back in Season 13. All auctioneers agree! And Storage Wars 2021 was released on April 20th. it is the shortest season in history with the fewest episodes, but it’s definitely a hit! what’s a show? the very fact is that if the rent for a cabinet isn’t purchased three months, the auctioneer will sell the contents. Here, knowledgeable buyer visits the vault and bids on lockers. The item are going to be sold as one lot during a cash-only auction.

Before the auction, the customer examines the item, albeit from a distance. At the top of the day, the winner will mapped out the winning lockers. Then they estimate the worth of the item and sometimes consult an expert. Finally, the screen displays a final record showing the entire cost and total estimate, also because the buyer’s net income and possibly loss.

The returning cast

As always, this season’s auctioneers  are Dan and Laura Dotson. The buyers are:

  • Brandi Passante
  • Jarrod Schulz
  • Rene & Casey Nezhoda
  • Darrell Sheets
  • Kenny Crossley
  • Ivy Calvin

The shocking death of Mark Balelo

Mark Valero, a charismatic auctioneer who has captured the hearts of the many fans together with his beautiful clothes and opulent style. He has always participated in auctions, brought in large sums of cash, and has shown a friendly and intimidating attitude. It had been a blow when fans heard the news of his death in 2013. 

The death was ruled to be suicide and raises many questions on what has pushed businessmen to the limit. In 2009 he had many legal issues. Police also arrested him for drug crimes. His last arrest seems to possess been his limit. With the resurrection of Storage Wars in 2021, fans remembered all the previous seasons and Mark’s name was on everyone’s lips.

Season 13 Air details 

After the Season 12 finale, A & E Networks did not announce an extension or cancellation of  the show. As a result, most people expected the series to continue. But almost two years later, the show was official by the announcement of Season 13. A surprise I received with  excitement. Season 13 lasted from April 20th to May 25th, with 10 episodes aired. 

If you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out!

So after 13th will we get a 14th season?

Unfortunately, there is no answer to this question yet. It’s unclear if A & E tends to make this decision at the show, and  no specific information is available. However, this series has always been popular and well received. Based on the facts of the situation around Season 13 was pretty disastrous, but it aired when no one expected it. So while there is hope for Season 14, if the network is successful, we will need a solid new lineup to run the show. The A & E Network has played many roles lately. Therefore, it is better to catch up with the other 13 seasons, with or without season 14.

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