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Star vs. The Forces Of Evil Season 5: Is The Show Cancelled?

It’s hard to part with your favorite characters when the creators of TV series and franchises decide to close them. That is why Disney does not want to announce the release date of Star vs. the Forces of Evil season 5 due to the closure of the project. But now, some rumors work on the sequel is already underway, and soon, we will have a new meeting with the princess and her friends.

Is The Show Renewed?

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is one of the most popular animated shows. The show has not been renewed for a fifth season despite good reviews and outstanding viewership records. The show is undoubtedly canceled, but fans hope that a new season will come. 

What Is The Plot Of The Show?

In the Mewni dimension, Far Away lives Princess Butterfly Star, a kind but too active teenager of 14 years old. The girl cannot always calculate the consequences of her actions, but her parents, for the time being, forgave her for all the wrongs. They had to take action only after Zvezdochka almost smashed half of the capital with the magic wand received for his birthday.

Parents love the heroine too much to punish her severely. Asterisk goes into a kind of exile: he goes to the earth academy “Echo Creek” as an exchange student. The girl has to get used to living in a society of peers who stubbornly do not want to see her like a princess. The hardest thing for the heroine is to get along with Mark. The teenager stubbornly considers himself a dangerous adventurer, but classmates see only a quiet man and a nerd in him. With Zvezdochka, he completely balances on the verge of an open quarrel.

Everything changes when Mark understands that a classmate can give him what he aspires to. Endless adventures encounter monsters and dangers. All you need to prove your heroism. Such incidents simply haunt the Asterisk. Sometimes she would be ready to give up another portion of dangerous adventures, but she cannot: monsters and villains are attracted by her magic wand, and the heroine will not give it away. In evil hands, an artifact can cause a lot of trouble.

With each season, the villains are more powerful and more dangerous. And the number of adventures is growing. The heroes have already had a chance to defend the home dimension of Zvezdochka. In the third season, Asterisk voluntarily gave the wand to its rightful owner but later learned to do without it. Now she faces a more severe test. 

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