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‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Every Cameo Of The Film Listed Down

Spider-Man: No Way Home premiered in theatres, and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man is accompanied by a series of cameos of faces familiar to Spider-Verse fans. Many characters from the other two Spider-Man franchises are taking advantage of the multiverse returning in this story. But look now all the cameo in Spider-Man No Way Home, watching as they were yesterday, the actors and how they have become today.

Here’s the complete list:

Alfred Molina

Alfred Molina, aka Doctor Octopus in this film, is immediately collaborative and one of Peter Parker’s main allies. The latter wants to help all the villains by treating them before bringing them back to their size.

Doc Ock is the first villain to be healed by Peter, who rebuilds the damaged control chip in Sam Raimi’s second Spider-Man. The scientist helps the three Peter cure the evil “colleagues” and face Goblin. The character is the main villain in Spider-Man 2, released in 2004.

Willem Dafoe

In the film, Willem Dafoe’s Goblin wants to collaborate with Peter and shows himself in trouble with his evil counterpart.

However, Goblin takes over Norman Osborn’s psyche and rejects Peter’s cure. His ruthlessness kills Aunt May right in front of the boy’s eyes. In addition, the character also almost succeeds in killing Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker. Willem Dafoe played Goblin in 2002’s first Spider-Man and made a brief cameo in the second and third films.

Jamie Foxx

His character is that of Electro, who is immediately enthusiastic about the new universe in which he finds himself. Here, the energy makes him more powerful and gives him a renewed, more human aspect than his version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Max immediately appears doubtful of Peter’s plan and rebels against healing, stealing an Arc reactor to get more power.

During the battle at the statue of liberty, the three Peter manage to save him, and Max confides to Peter that he always thought he was a black boy. Here, we witness an indirect cameo by Miles Morales.

Andrew Garfield

The rumours turned out to be true because Andrew Garfield also makes a cameo in Spider-Man No Way Home.

The actor, who wore the Spider-Man suit in the 2012 and 2014 films, plays his version of Peter Parker, mistakenly named by Ned and his magic in the MCU. The boy reveals that he dedicated his life entirely to Spider-Man after Gwen Stacy’s death and that he got carried away in his role as a vigilante.

Peter Parker, however, manages to redeem himself, in parallelism already anticipated by the theories of the fans, when MJ falls from the Statue of Liberty and is saved by the character of Andrew Garfield.

Tobey Maguire

Yes, Tobey Maguire also makes a cameo in No Way Home as Peter Parker. His character is older than in previous films. The other two Peter talk about the fact that he is the only one who can generate the webs without help, but that these come out directly from his body. 

We discover that Peter still has his complicated relationship with his MJ and wants to help his old enemies. Throughout the film, reference is made to the fact that he is the oldest of the three, so much so that he also has some back problems. Goblin stabs him during the final battle, but Tobey Maguire’s Peter doesn’t die.

Charlie Cox

The character of Matt Murdock is the first cameo by Spider-Man No Way Home. Charlie Cox’s presence in the film had been rumoured for some time, especially after Kevin Feige announced his return as Daredevil in the future of the MCU. The actor played the red devil in the Netflix series divided into three seasons between 2015 and 2018.

Rhys Ifans

Even Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes a cameo in No Way Home. The character almost always shows himself with the features of a talking lizard until the three Peter manages to cure him. At this point, we also see the face of Rhys Ifans, who had played him in the 2014 film.

Thomas Haden Church

The latest villain to make a cameo in No Way Home comes from the third film in the Sam Raimi trilogy. We are talking about the Sandman, who, more than any other, wants to return to his world. Flint Marko wants to go back to his sick child. At the end of the film, the three Peter make him return to his human form, and so Thomas Haden Church also appears with his face in the movie.

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