Solar Opposites Season 3 – Official Release Date, and Expected plot

Solar Opposites Season 3 - Official Release Date, and Expected plot

Solar Opposites, a hugely successful adult anime comedy movie about Hulu, are going to be back within the third season relatively soon. The plot continues the crazy madness of a family of aliens colliding with the earth Earth after their hometown is destroyed-but this is often not the story of a healthy Clark Kent / Superman. 

In fact, the show was inspired by Rick and Morty creator Justin Roiland and proud Star Trek geek Mike McMahan. Just a couple of days ago, it had been announced that the show was already on target for the fourth season, but fans are clearly obsessed with: in any case, this is not a firefly-no one broadcasts seasons or episodes out of order (at least not what we know). 

We have a summary of when, where, what, and who will do the third season of “Solar Opposites”. If you’re a lover of the series, prepare to save lots of your calendar!

Official release date

If the show’s previous production schedule is a reliable baseline, fans of Solar Opposites should expect Season 3 to premiere between late January and early February 2022. Season 1 premiered in early May 2020, and Season 2 aired on March 26, 2021. 

With Season 3 production going well, fans are going to be ready to experience an entirely new series of Schrolpian adventures during the embarrassing break between New Year and Valentine’s Day. Of course, there are several factors that will ruin this timeline. Season 3 is going to be longer, with 12 episodes replacing the previous 8 episode roadmap that Seasons 1 and a couple of followed.

Possible plot

That’s an excellent question. After all, within the second season, the family was reborn as a tree and appeared to wrap everything during a nice, neat little bow that hit its neighbors and lips. Where can they go from there? Now, the show’s creators recently sat down in an interview with SyFyWire to answer that exact question. 

“There are some things that are really insane in Season 3,” Royland said in an interview, promising to continue pushing the boundaries of what (and can’t) be done on television. Makumahan added that the very long season gave them an excellent opportunity to “get weird” within the show’s gimmicks. And what about Sherry and therefore the Hulk pulling baby Paisley and vowing revenge on Tim? 

Given how excited the show’s creators are at the show, The Wall (SyFyWire), it’s no exaggeration to mention that they’re exploring this plot with all their might. We believe the  “Solar Opposites” to return exclusively to Hulu in early 2022.


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