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Snowpiercer Season 3: What Is Happening In January 2022?

Before we talk in detail about the new episodes, you might be wondering when the third season will finally come to the small screens. After months of waiting, we finally know the release date. In fact, in the USA, on the TNT channel, the new season will arrive on January 24, 2022, about a year after the previous one. Fans of the show can now look forward to what will be happening next in the storyline.

Snowpiercer Season 3: Here’s What Will Happen?

The renewal of Snowpiercer for a third season was announced days before the release of its second season. 

In the second chapter, a new power struggle has emerged that causes a rift between passengers loyal to Layton and those loyal to Mr Wilford. As the latter collide, Melanie leads the charge towards a discovery that could change the fate of humanity.

In the final episode of Snowpiercer 2 season, Layton, Alex, Bess, Josie and other rebels decide to abandon the train now in the hands of the tyrant Wilford, who has decided not to recover Melanie from her research on the possible warming of the Earth. The team decides to take advantage of the weakest of the carriages, the Aquarius, to detach ten carriages from the train and set off alone to recover Melanie. 

Even if Ruth can not leave with them, their plan succeeds, staying on Snowpiercer of Wilford. So Alex and Layton set off on foot in the snow towards the base where Melanie should be. However, once they arrive, they discover that the woman has decided to use her ultimate heating source to keep hard drives warm with her discovery. Melanie is not found, and in its place, Alex discovers a farewell letter, in which she announces that she has left on foot for the great white, so the protagonists assume that the woman is frozen to death.

Once back on the mini-train, Alex and Layton start the hard drives and make a miraculous discovery: areas in the world are heating up considerably. And right from here will continue the storyline of the Snowpiercer Season 3. Until then, surely fans of the series will ask themselves: is Melanie dead? What will happen to Ruth on the Snowpiercer? Will the protagonists be able to reunite with the locomotive before their autonomy runs out? We will find out once Season 3 hits the streaming service.

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