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Professional Skate 3 Characters, Cheat Codes, Gameplay, and Additional Features

Are you a fan of skateboarding match-ups? If it’s EA’s Skateboarding, it’ll be more pleasant than your previous boarding games. Assuming you’ve played the game effectively, I’m convinced you’re all aware of what I’m saying, and if not, I’m certain that after reading our piece, you’ll play the game without a doubt.

Electronic Arts’ Skate 3 is a well-known skating video game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The first season of the game was released on 14 September 2007, followed by two more; the second season was released on 21 January 2009, and the most current season was released on 11 May 2010.

In this article, we’re going to discuss Skate 3. Thus, let us begin with the narrative of Skate 3.

Skate 3’s Story-

After Skate 2, the game’s players developed an ability to improvise, and they claim to be among the greatest. They are enrolled at the University of Port Carverton.

Following a botched attempt to “Err on the side of insanity,” a Thrasher challenge at the arena, their next goal in life is to become a skating head honcho by forming a group comprised of skaters similar to themselves.

Their primary objective is to sell millions of skateboards, just because after one million boards are sold, gamers may purchase new clothing and designs with fresh skate trends.

Skate 3’s Gameplay-

As previously stated, Skate 3 is a skateboarding game set in an open environment. The game begins in a made-up town called Port Carverton. The Port welcomes skateboarding, but in the second section, we learn that “skateboarding is a felony.”

Complete and well-designed graphics with grainy sheets. The gameplay is not much altered between the first and second editions.

Port Carverton, a skateboarding town, is organised into three mainstream districts.

Downtown Industrial The University-

Each division is well-developed and somewhat gorgeous, with a variety of ups and downs, rails, ledges, and smooth stiff sections that add to the game’s appeal.

Several Professional Skate Characters 3-

  • Navarette, Darren
  • Kennedy, Terry
  • Koston, Eric
  • Christopher Cole
  • Duffy, Pat
  • Lee, Jason

Skate 3 has some ad-libbing, as well as two brand-new stages: a “Easy level” for novices, and a “Hardcore mode” for the game’s top players.

These additional elements are largely responsible for the third installment’s realism. Additionally, you may create a custom “Skate Park” using Skate features.

The downside of the third instalment is that it lacks an offline multiplayer function; instead, gamers must purchase the “San Van Party Pack.” After purchasing this item, you will be able to play the game in offline mode.

What About The Cheat Code In Skate 3?

If you’re interested in learning more about and unlocking further benefits and features of the game, such as additional abilities, unique weaponry, and later stages of the distraction.

There are several cheat codes accessible; we’ve listed a few below, but how do you utilise them?

Enter the code at the prompt by going to Start > Options > Extras. This summons NPCs and also makes the screen yellow.

Skate 3- Shouldn’t Something Be Said About The Tricks And Accomplishments?

The game has a variety of cheats and achievements. We’ve gathered a handful of them here for our adoring readers.


  • How to Increase Gamerscore 100% Pure Adrenaline
  • For ten seconds, fly Spread Eagle.
  • 10 The Birth of a Dynasty
  • Your team will be fully staffed.
  • 30 You Own Your Entire Base Unlock the Team HQ.
  • Unleashed 20 Beasts

Skate 3 features a flaw that launches you into the air, but it is not always available; nonetheless, you can readily activate it by utilising the Goofy Stance.

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Points to consider before attempting the trick-

  • Your foot must be positioned to the left of the screen.
  • Make an attempt to use it on a level surface.
  • Begin by doing an FS 360 pop Shuvit.
  • When you are in the air, touch RT or LT instantly.
  • When you’ve reached the bottom, hit Y to advance.

This clever method will enable you to soar around 40 feet into the sky; were you aware of this previously? Send us your audits.

If you’re looking for further tips and techniques for Skate 3, let me know in the comments area…

Final Words-

The game is enjoyable to play and is also available on a variety of platforms, so you won’t need to purchase any specialised gaming consoles to play it.

Three versions are already available, and gamers are awaiting Skate 4, which has already been confirmed by authorities for 2020, as stated by EA.

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