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Shawn Mendes: Break Up Due To Camila’s Weight Gain? Rumors Debunked

The love-end of the former dream couple came unexpectedly for many Shawmila fans. Allegedly, Camila’s weight gain is the reason.

The Stars Have Known Each Other For Seven Years

Since 2014, when Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes met in the opening act for Austin Mahone’s tour, fans have been speculating about a possible romance between the two. But it wasn’t until July 2019, when the joint hit single “Senorita” was released, that the pop stars officially announced their love affair.

Joint Shock Message On Instagram

Shawmila’s apparently happy relationship lasted for two years until the news of shock recently came up. On Instagram, they announced their love affair in a joint story: “Hey guys, we have decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for one another as people is stronger than ever.”

Speculation: Camila’s Weight Gain Is The Reason

Why the separation suddenly occurred is unclear. Malicious tongues claim that Camila’s weight gain is the cause. At least that’s what a fan on Twitter said: “I have the feeling that Shawn is more of an esthete. He likes beautiful appearances. And Camila has somehow lost that. He has always had a weakness for models, which he also admitted in interviews.” Yes, there will still be body shamers in 2021 we hate.

In June, They Were Still Happily In Love

But we can hardly believe that! The body of the former Fifth Harmony singer looks perfect. And we are sure: The “Treat You Better” singer will not let himself be influenced by such banal outward appearances. Oh, and while we’re on the counter-arguments: As in love as the two were photographed on the beach in June, Camila’s body is more of a reason to stay.

The Singer Goes To The Gym Regularly

Currently, the 24-year-old regularly shares pictures from the gym on her Instagram page, but that’s certainly just a distraction strategy to get over the relationship. Because as an insider on the news source, E! News confirmed that Shawn initiated the breakup but certainly not because of their looks.

Shawn revealed the end of their relationship via Instagram. The Canadian singer went on Instagram to write, 

“Hello guys, we have decided to end our relationship, but our love for each other will stay and is stronger than ever.”

Camila also posted the same story, finalizing the end of the fan’s favorite couple. This was a big shock for the fans because no one expected the couple to get separated.

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