Secret Invasion: Nick Fury Goes Rouge In The First Look.

Secret Invasion Nick Fury

In addition to news about “Moon Knight,” “She-Hulk,” and Co., Disney + Day also brings the first look at an Avengers icon in “Secret Invasion.”

Yesterday’s Disney + Day brought a wealth of new announcements for all Marvel fans and viewers of the MCU. For example, five new shows were announced (including “Spider-Man: Freshman Year,” an animated Spidey series). You can find the overview here: The upcoming Marvel highlights on Disney +.

Fans also got their first glimpse of the highly anticipated new MCU series “Moon Knight,” “She-Hulk,” and “Ms. Marvel.” Scenes from these shows can be found in a large highlight clip that is exclusive to Disney +.

And in the said clip, which you can find on your Disney + account under the heading “Disney + Previews,” there is also a very first look at the upcoming series ” Secret Invasion, “in which Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury and “Game of.” Thrones “star Emilia Clarke will star.

There is still nothing to see of the former “Khaleesi,” but the video shows a (much older) Nick Fury. See a screenshot here:

In “Secret Invasion,” the alien Skrulls infiltrate the earth, kidnap some heroes and then impersonate them – thanks to their shapeshifting ability.

Why does Nick Fury look so old in the 1st “Secret Invasion” clip?

However, because of the above photo, some Marvel fans wonder why Nick Fury looks so different in “Secret Invasion.” After all, the Avengers boss no longer wears an eye patch; the beard has become longer (and more neglected) and much grayer.

Does a jump in time explain?

A possible explanation could be a time gap of several years between Fury’s last appearance on the MCU and “Secret Invasion” on Disney +. We remember: Fury was last seen in a credits scene from the 2019 Marvel film ” Spider-Man: Far From Home. ” He stayed here on a space station in space – while a Skrull had passed himself off to Peter Parker (Tom Holland) as a “real Fury.”

So it also seems conceivable that MCU viewers haven’t even seen the “real Fury” for some time. This could also explain the changed appearance of the super spy in the “Secret Invasion” first look. However, we will only know exactly in a year at the earliest. Because sometime between autumn/winter 2022 or spring 2023, “Secret Invasion” will probably start on Disney +.


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