Rick Ness Girlfriend: What About His Relationship Status?

rick ness girlfriend

As the star of the American reality series Gold Rush, actor Rick Ness encounters Leese Marie after divorcing his ex-wife Jen.

Even before Rick joined Parker Schabel’s Gold Rush squad in 2012, everyone knew he had the charisma to prosper independently.

Rick started his mining company in Season 9 of Gold Rush and hasn’t looked back since. However, there is a lot more to discover about the reality show star. In the next weeks, we’ll get a better look at the actor’s personal life, including whether or not he’s married. Now is a great moment to get started on your project.

Rick Ness Girlfriend: Who is Leese Marie? 

Recently, there have been Internet speculations about Rick Ness’ boyfriend, the Gold Rush actor. Rick’s co-star Karla Ann Charlton told him about the allegations. Gold room operator and survivalist on Rick’s crew: she was her name.

Leese Marie appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s, but there is no further information on her. The date of her birth is listed on a few websites. This, on the other hand, cannot be verified. On Rick’s Facebook page in April, Gold Rush Season 12 will feature Marie.

At the end of August, Rick posted a thank you note on Facebook to Marie for travelling with him to the Yukon. A picture of the two of them with the caption, “This mining season in The Yukon is the nicest by a mile,” was attached to his statement.

Some fans believe that Marie, like Rick Ness, is a native of Milwaukee, yet neither her birthplace nor nationality has been revealed.

As of the 9th of October, Rick had posted on Facebook that he was almost through sluicing on the Yukon site and was looking forward to heading back to Leese Marie for the holidays. She moved back into their house about a month ago. It suggests that the two may have recently moved in together and that Leese Marie lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

While driving an off-road buggy in July, Ness and Ruby were spotted. Off-roading is clearly a passion for Rick, as evidenced by the numerous photos he has posted to Facebook of his adventures.

Leese Marie is even more reclusive than Rick, as she doesn’t appear to be on any public social media platforms.

rick ness girlfriend

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