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Bosch: Legacy What You Must Know About The Spin-Off?

With “Bosch: Legacy,” Amazon continues the popular crime series “Bosch.” The spin-off with Titus Welliver is expected to start on the streaming service in 2022. We have all the information, and we will tell you everything about the upcoming new Bosh: Legacy.

After the end of the Amazon series ” Bosch ” it was already clear that actor Titus Welliver would play the role of Harry Bosch again. With “Bosch: Legacy,” however, the story of the LAPD ex-cop is being told on another streaming service. IMDb TV is Amazon’s premium free streaming service.

The streaming offer is not only available as a standalone app in the US but can also be viewed on Prime Video for both Prime and non-Prime members. You can also see many IMDb TV series on Amazon. The service is not yet available here. “Bosch: Legacy” should come to IMDb TV in 2022.

After the US launch, the series will probably also land on Amazon. Something similar happened before with the IMDb TV original ” Alex Rider. ” The spy series appeared at the same time on the US streaming service and Amazon Prime Video.

“Bosch: Legacy” jumps into the future almost two years after the end of “Bosch” Season 7. The focus is on three figures from the original series. Harry (Titus Welliver) is now a private investigator and Honey “Money” Chandler (Mimi Rogers), who was a well-respected criminal defense attorney, was the victim of attempted murder. Bosch’s daughter Maddie (Madison Lintz) followed her father into the service of the LAPD, where she works as a police officer.

Find out what else you can expect from Amazon Prime in our news on Amazon. Even rival Netflix is generous with original and new series such as films.

Bosch: Episode guide and seasons.

Hieronymus “Harry” Bosch is a former soldier. The war veteran now works for the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). In the first season, Harry is released from his homicide work. He is said to have shot a suspect years ago.

The dead man’s relatives brought Harry to civil court. However, the stubborn investigator cannot stop working. Together with his partner Jerry Edgar, he is investigating a particularly gruesome murder case: the skeleton of a young boy is found in a forest, apparently killed by external agents.

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